Carreg Samson

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Carreg Samson
Carreg Samson.jpg
Carreg Samson is located in Pembrokeshire
Carreg Samson
Shown within Pembrokeshire
Location Pembrokeshire
grid reference SM84853351
Coordinates 51°57′30″N 5°07′58″W / 51.958386°N 5.132704°W / 51.958386; -5.132704Coordinates: 51°57′30″N 5°07′58″W / 51.958386°N 5.132704°W / 51.958386; -5.132704
Type Dolmen
Periods Neolithic

Carreg Samson (also known as Carreg Sampson, Samson's Stone, or the Longhouse) is a 5000-year-old Neolithic dolmen located half a mile west of Abercastle near the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in Wales.


It is called "Samson" because of a local legend that Saint Samson of Dol placed the capstone in position with his little finger.[1]


Carreg Samson has a capstone, 4.7 metres by 2.7 metres and 1.0 metre thick.[2] The capstone rests on three of six stones 1.1 to 2.2 metres high.[2]

The whole burial chamber was once covered by a mound of earth or stones and once these were removed stones were used to block the holes in the sides of the tomb so that it could be used as a shelter for sheep.[3]

The site was excavated in 1968 which revealed four additional stone-holes, one having supported a further chamber stone, the others indicating a possible passage leading off to the northwest.[2] Slight traces of a covering cairn were found to the south and it was shown that the monument had been raised over a pit 0.8 metres deep, filled with clay and stones. Finds included a small quantity of burnt bone, pottery, and flints.[2]


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