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Chancellor family
The Young and the Restless family
Created by William J. Bell
Introduced by John Conboy
Duration 1973—
First appearance November 1973

The Chancellors are fictional characters and a core family from the CBS Daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless.

Since their introduction in 1973, the family has mainly been represented by Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) and her feud with her husband Phillip II (Donnelly Rhodes)'s young mistress Jill Foster (Jess Walton). After years of feuding, Jill and Katherine form a bond and Kay becomes a mother figure to Jill, and a grandmother to Jill's sons. The family is currently represented by Jill, her son Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson), and his children and Katherine's own grandson Devon Hamilton (Bryton James).

Family members[edit]

First Generation[edit]

  • Phillip Chancellor II (John Considine, Donnelly Rhodes)
    Born June 19, 1928;[1] went to college with business man Gary Reynolds and later married Gary's his widow, Katherine. Upon Gary's death, Phillip takes control of Gary's family business and eventually re brands the company, Chancellor Industries. In the mid 1970s, he has an affair with Jill Foster which eventually producers a son, Phillip III. Phillip divorces Katherine in 1975, and marries Jill on his death bed. However, Katherine later has the marriage annulled, and herself reinstated as Phillip's legal widow.[2]
  • Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper)
    Born on October 25, 1928 as Katherine Shepherd, and known affectionately as Kay, Katherine marries high school and college sweetheart Gary Reynolds. Together they have one son, Brock. When Brock and Gary are out of the country, Katherine has an affair with Gary's golfing buddy, Arthur Hendricks and later gives birth to his son, Tucker. After Gary's passing, Katherine hands control of his business to Phillip Chancellor, whom she later marries. However, Katherine and Phillip's unhappy marriage is upended by Jill Foster who gets pregnant with his child. The two women would fight over everything from men to children for the next four decades. Katherine was remarried in 2009 to Patrick Murphy.[3] Katherine dies on August 1, 2013 at the age of 84.[4]

Second Generation[edit]

  • Brock Reynolds (Beau Kazer)
    Brock is Katherine's son with her first husband, Gary Reynolds. When Brock is first introduced as a rebellious college aged kid, wasting his inheritance in Europe, with childhood friend, Lorie Brooks. After Gary's passing and Katherine's remarriage, Brock's rebellion started with wild sex and drugs. Brock comes in and out of his mother's life over the years. In 1974, Brock returned home a changed man and a minister. He also has a brief marriage to Jill Foster. Brock obtains a law degree while living in Paris. Brock has one child with former lover, Amanda Browning, Mackenzie who comes to Genoa City in 1999. Brock currently resides in New Orleans where he volunteers rebuilding homes for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. He is the chairman of the Chancellor Foundation, and also a singer.[5]
  • Tucker McCall (Stephen Nichols)
    Tucker is Katherine's illegitimate son with Judge Arthur Hendricks given away at birth by a drunken Katherine. Former rock and roll manager, Tucker comes to Genoa City in 2009 and steals the company out from under his mother. Tucker immediately clashes with wealthy businessman and Katherine's close friend, Victor Newman. He marries Ashley Abbott, and after a brief coma is reunited with his illegitimate son, Devon, with former music groupie, Yolanda Hamilton. Devon and Tucker's relationship starts off rocky, but they eventually start to bond. Tucker also has a relationship with Jill and helps her find her biological family. Tucker and Katherine's relationship has many ups and downs, but they eventually reconcile before he relocates to Hong Kong in 2013. Tucker was with Katherine and Murphy when his mother passed.[6]
  • Phillip Chancellor III (Thom Bierdz)
    Born on December 25, 1975, Phillip III is Phillip II's son with Jill Foster. Despite the feud between Jill and Katherine, Phillip bonds with both women. Phillip spends majority of his life in boarding schools. In 1986, the 16-year-old Phillip returns home when his mother gets shot. Katherine and Jill battle for his affections. Meanwhile, Phillip falls for Cricket Blair, but is seduced by the scheming Nina Webster and father's her son, Phillip IV. Phillip and Nina marry in 1989 and he dies from injuries sustained in a car accident a month later.[7][8] However, in 2009, Phillip reveals that he faked his death to escape the pressure of living up to the Chancellor name. He also admits to being gay. Phillip currently leaves in Australia.[9]

Third Generation[edit]

  • Mackenzie Browning (Ashley Bashioum)
    Born on December 30, 1983,[10] Mackenzie is first introduced as homeless teenager staying at the Genoa City shelter where she meets Katherine. The runaway was eventually revealed to be Brock's daughter with Amanda Browning. Mackenzie, known affectionately as Mac falls for Billy Abbott, and they marry but the marriage is quickly annulled when the two are mistakenly led to believe they are cousins. Mac later falls for J.T. Hellstrom, during his marriage and they conceive a child which Mackenzie miscarries. Mackenzie stands in as the surrogate mother for Cane and Lily Ashby's twins. Mackenzie is the former owner of Crimson Lights, and Jimmy's Bar. Mackenzie and J.T. marry in November 2010 when they learn she is pregnant. The couple then relocates to Washington, D. C. where they give birth to son, Dylan "D.J." Hellstrom in 2011. When Katherine passes away, Mackenzie is unable to attend the funeral.[11]
  • Devon Hamilton (Bryton James)
    Born on February 7, 1988,[12] Devon is first introduced as a troubled teenager at the Genoa City Rec Center. Lily Winters and billionaire Victor Newman take a liking to Devon; Victor even considers adopting him. Instead, Devon is adopted by Neil and Drucilla, Lily's parents. Devon has trouble adjusting to being in a stable family unit, but when he finally does, Devon becomes very protective of his family. Between 2006 and 2007, Devon contracts meningitis and loses his hearing completely. He later gets a cochlear implant surgery. From 2007 to 2013, Devon has an enduring romance with Roxanne. In 2011, Devon is discovered to be Katherine's grandson, and Tucker is his biological father. Though he initially wants nothing to do with Katherine and Tucker, the group eventually work through their differences and form relationships. He also reconnects with his estranged biological mother, Yolanda. Upon Katherine's passing, Devon inherits half of her estate. From 2013 to 2014, Devon falls in love with Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan), and they start an affair despite her marriage to Neil. They married in August 2015[13] and divorce in April 2017.
  • Phillip "Chance" Chancellor IV (John Driscoll)
    Born on March 15, 1988,[14][15] Phillip Chancellor IV is the son of Phillip III and Nina Webster. In 2009, Phillip returns to Genoa City all grown up and reunites with his father first time since his presumed dead in 1989. Now known as Chance, Phillip IV struggles to accept his father while he falls for Chloe Abbott. Chance and Chloe become engaged but the relationship eventually ends. However, he later loses his virginity to Chloe. Chance also becomes involved with Heather Stevens. In 2010, Chance meets his half-brother, FBI Agent Ronan Malloy for the first time. In late 2010, Chance fakes his death with Ronan's help in order to bring down a crime ring. After revealing himself, Chance leaves town to start military intelligence training at The Pentagon.[16]

Fourth Generation[edit]

  • Dylan "D.J." Hellstrom
    Born on June 21, 2011 in Washington, D.C., Dylan is the son of J.T. and Mackenzie Hellstrom. Mackenzie learns she is pregnant in late 2011. She and J.T. marry and later leave town.[11]


Family tree[edit]


Lines Boxes
  • Dashed = Romance/Marriage
  • Solid = Child
Character is currently on the Show
Character not on the Show
Character is deceased or presumed dead

Garfield Dandridge Chancellor
Mrs. Chancellor
Phillip Chancellor I
Mrs. Chancellor
Gary Reynolds
Arthur Hendricks
Katherine Chancellor
Phillip Chancellor II
Jill Fenmore
Brock Reynolds
Amanda Browning
Tucker McCall
Yolanda Hamilton
Phillip Chancellor III
Nina Webster
Mackenzie Browning
J. T. Hellstrom
Devon Hamilton
Chance Chancellor
D.J. Hellstrom


Chancellor Industries[edit]

Chancellor Industries
Founder Phillip Chancellor, Sr.
Headquarters 1000 Market Street
Genoa City, Wisconsin
, United States
Number of locations
Chicago, Illinois
Key people
Owner Jill Abbott
Divisions Chancellor Construction
Chancellor Entertainment
Subsidiaries Organic Life
Bio Link

Chancellor Industries (CI) was a major design-and-engineering conglomerate, headquartered in Genoa City, Wisconsin.

Chancellor Industries was founded and ran for years by Phillip Chancellor II. Upon his death, his wife Katherine Chancellor as chair and CEO ran CI making it an international conglomerate and making her a billionaire. For years it was a privately owned company but over the years Katherine has hired various successful businessman such as Victor Newman and most recently Neil Winters as CEO. For a brief period Katherine hired Jack Abbott as CEO. It was also the parent company of Jabot Cosmetics.

The company was referred to as a sleeping giant according to former CEO Jack Abbott, CI was "financially capable and always without scandal."

It was most recently a wholly owned subsidiary of Tucker McCall Unlimited when Katherine's long lost son, billionaire business mogul Tucker McCall assumed ownership via a hostile takeover. Tucker eventually sold Katherine majority ownership of CI under pressure from Victor Newman.As of September 2013 Victor Newman is the new majority shareholder and Chairman of Chancellor Industries and he immediately plans a merger between Chancellor and Newman Enterprises. The new company is titled Newman-Chancellor Industries. In 2015, Tucker's son and Katherine's grandson Devon Hamilton loaned Jill Foster Abbott and Cane Ashby the money to purchase Chancellor Industries from Victor. His only condition on giving the money was that they had to cut out Jill's husband and Cane's father Colin Atkinson who initially tried to blackmail Devon for the money.

Chancellor Divisions[edit]

  • Chancellor Plant
  • Chancellor Tool & Die
  • Chancellor Construction
  • Chancellor Entertainment Life

Chancellor Subsidiaries[edit]

  • Bio Link
  • Organic Life
  • Northwestern Publishing
  • Bonaventure INDUSTRIES


  • Tucker McCall (Majority Shareholder-Stockholder 49%)
  • Jill Fenmore Abbott (Chief Executive Officer; Shareholder-Stockholder,51%)
  • Mitchell Sherman (General Counsel)
  • Karen Fowler (Legal Department)

Former Personnel[edit]


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