Chansons madécasses

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Chansons madécasses
Song cycle by Maurice Ravel
Maurice Ravel 1925.jpg
The composer, c. 1925
EnglishMadagascan Songs
Textpoems Chansons madécasses by Évariste de Parny
DedicationElizabeth Sprague Coolidge
Performed8 May 1926 (1926-05-08)
  • voice (mezzo-soprano or baritone)
  • flute
  • cello
  • piano

The Chansons madécasses (Madagascan Songs) is a collection of three art songs by Maurice Ravel written between 1925 and 1926 for voice (mezzo-soprano or baritone), flute, cello and piano with words from the poetry collection Chansons madécasses [fr] by Évariste de Parny.[1] The song cycle consists of the three titles "Nahandove", "Aoua", and "Il est doux".

They are dedicated to the American musician and philanthropist Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge.[2]

Premiere and notable recordings[edit]

The premiere took place on 8 May 1926, in Rome with the voice of Jane Bathori, Alfredo Casella on the piano, Louis Fleury on the flute and Hans Kindler on the cello.[3] The first edition print was accompanied by Luc-Albert Moreau prints. The first known record is that of Madeleine Grey, a highly regarded singer, in 1932.

See also[edit]

In 2011, the British composer James Francis Brown wrote a work in three movements for the same instrumentation called Songs of Nature and Farewell, which is a setting of three little-known poems by the French composer Camille Saint-Saëns. The work is intended as a companion to Ravel's Chansons madécasses.[4]


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