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Charkhi Dadri district
District of Haryana
Location of Charkhi Dadri district in Haryana
Location of Charkhi Dadri district in Haryana
HeadquartersCharkhi Dadri
 • Assembly seats2

Charkhi Dadri District is one of the 22 districts of Haryana state in northern India. Created on 16 November 2016, the district headquarters is the city of Charkhi Dadri. In addition to the Charkhi Dadri, the district includes sub-division Badhra and sub-tehsil Bond Kalan.[1]


During Raj times, Ch. Dadri was a princely state with an area of 575sq miles and revenue of Rs 103000 annually. In 1857 war, the Nawab of Dadri, Bahadur Jung Khan who had given token allegiance to Emperor ˞BahadurShah Zafar, surrendered to British and tried by military court martial in Delhi on 27 Nov. 1857. He was removed to Lahore. Dadri was awarded to Raja Sarup Singh of Jind for his services to EIC in the 1857 war. In 1864, some fifty villages revolted against his descendant Raja Raghbir Singh in May 1864 but the rebellion was crushed. Three principal villages which took part in the rebellion, Charkhi, Mankinas and Jhanjhu, were burned down.

Previously in Bhiwani district, Charkhi Dadri became part of the new Charkhi Dadri district in 2016. The Government of Haryana state officially notified Charkhi Dadri as 22nd district of Haryana on 18 September 2016 [2]

Administrative divisions[edit]

At the time of creation in 2016, Charki Dadri comprises Bond Kalan tehsil, and sub-divisions of Badhra and Charkhi Dadri.[2]


As of the 2001 India census,[3] Charkhi Dadri had a population of 44,892. This figure excludes the population of other towns and villages within Charkhi Dadri district.

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