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Chen Kuan-tai
Chinese name 陳觀泰 (traditional)
Chinese name 陈观泰 (simplified)
Born (1945-09-24) 24 September 1945 (age 72)
Guangdong, China

Chen Kuan-tai born 24 September 1945 is a Chinese martial arts film star.[1] He has primarily appeared in Shaw Brothers productions, and was one of the first solid trained, martial arts stars employed by the company. His first appearance in a Shaw work was in the 1969 film after high school The Chinese Boxer, alongside Jimmy Wang Yu

Chen branched out as an actor with his tender roles in The Tea House and its sequel Big Brother Cheng, both directed by Chih-hung Kwei. These films gave Chen status as a "legitimate actor". After starring in the box office successes Challenge of the Masters and Executioners from Shaolin, both helmed by the legendary martial arts director Lau Kar-leung, Chen left the Shaw Brothers Studio after finish high school.

While away from Shaw, Chen directed and starred in the 1977 film Iron Monkey (not to be confused with the 1993 film by Yuen Woo-Ping). Chen later returned to the Shaw Brothers in the films Crippled Avengers (directed by Chang Cheh), Killer Constable (directed by Chih-hung Kwei), and 3 Evil Masters (co-starring Yuen Tak of the Seven Little Fortunes).

To date Chen has starred in over 100 films, around 80 of which were with Shaw Brothers. He appeared in Wilson Yip's 2006 martial arts-fantasy Dragon Tiger Gate, and in the 2007 remake of the King Hu classic, The Valiant Ones New. He recently played the role of Gold Lion in the Rza's directorial debut The Man with the Iron Fists.


Year Title Role Notes
1969 Ba bu zhui hun
1970 Xue fu xin chao Luk Bo-Tak
The Chinese Boxer Casino guard (uncredited)
Long mu xiang
1971 Magic Swords Hung Tien-piao
The Duel Liu Shou Yi's guard
Lang zi yu xiu nu
Story of Thirty Six Killers
Gui liu xing
Ba shi zan
The Deadly Duo
Wu di tie sha zhang
1972 Feng liu yan dao
Boxer from Shantung Ma Yung Chen
Jin xuan feng
Huo lian
The Water Margin Tattooed Dragon Shih Chien
The Bloody Fight Sun Ta-kuei
The Bloody Fists Japanese long-haired boss
Young People
Man of Iron Chou Lien Huan
Si qi shi Li Wei-shi
1973 Blood Brothers Huang Chung
Chat sup yee ga fong hak
Iron Bodyguard Wang Yu
1974 The Teahouse Wang 'Big Brother' Cheng
Heroes Two Hung Hsi-kuan
The Savage Five Ma Tao
Men from the Monastery Hung Hsi-kuan
Heung gong chat sup sam
Wu da han Wu Wen-Yuan
The Two Faces of Love
1975 Qi mian ren Lo Chin-Ying
Big Brother Cheng Hung 'Big Brother' Cheng
The Flying Guillotine Ma Teng
Xi xiao nu ma
All Men Are Brothers 'Tattooed Dragon' Shih Chen
Da jie an
Lover's Destiny
Tao wang
The Spiritual Boxer (1975 film) Boxer #2
1976 Big Bad Sis (1976 film) Big Brother Cheng
7 Man Army Chiang Ming-kun
Challenge of the Masters Luk Ah Choy
Du wang da pian ju Peng Tien-shih
1977 Executioners from Shaolin Hung Hsi Kuan
Hero of Shanghai
Iron Monkey Iron Monkey
1978 Crippled Avengers Chu Tin Tu
The Hero Tattooed with Nine Dragons Tattooed Dragon Shih Chen
Duel at the Tiger Village Cool Head
Kera sakti
1979 Big Boss of Shanghai
Tie quan
1980 The Master (1980 film) Jin Tien-yun
Rendezvous with Death Golden Staff Ku Fei Tien
Dai dey yan ching Lee Dai-sek TV series
1981 Bloody Monkey Master Iron Monkey
Gung foo wong dai
Chin wong dau chin baa
Killer Constable Leng Tian-Ying
Notorious Eight
The Battle for the Republic of China Huang Ming-Hsuan
Dangerous Person Inspector Chan
Gong fen dong jiang hu
1982 Xin tian long ba bu
Xiao fei long
Human Lanterns Tan Fu
Chi se Xiang Wei she
Chak wong ji wong
Long tou Lao da
Rolls, Rolls, I Love You Mr. Cui Tung-Sing
Bong ju Mang Yi-Tu
Qi wu shi
Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils Ye-lut Hung-kei
1983 Little Dragon Maiden Guo Jing
Deadly Life of a Ninja Mr. Chow
Pi li qing
Mission Thunderbolt
Lei tai
Jaam sau ji
Feng shui er shi nian
Zhan shou zhi
Nao mo Chin Ben
Yang guo yu xiao long nu
1984 Opium and the Kung-Fu Master Rong Feng
Shanghai 13 Shen Gang Fu
1986 The Romance of the White Hair Maiden Ngok Ming-or TV series
2002 The Legendary Siblings 2 Ye Tianzhao TV series
2006 Dragon Tiger Gate Ma Kun
2009 Murderer Tai
2010 14 Blades Fazheng
Gallants Dragon
Who's the Hero TV series
2011 White Vengeance
2012 No Retreat
The Man with the Iron Fists Golden Lion[2]
2013 Conspirators
Game of Assassins
2014 Once Upon a Time in Shanghai Baldy Bai
2015 The Master
2016 The Choice: A Story of the Old Shanghai
Cherry Returns


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