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rapid transit station
Cheras station (Sentul Timur-Sri Petaling route) (exterior), Kuala Lumpur.jpg
An exterior view of the Cheras station's main entranceway and ticket area, as viewed towards the east.
Location Jalan Jelawat Satu and Jalan 3/12, (northern) Sungai Besi-Taman Ikan Emas border, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Coordinates 3°6′45″N 101°42′51″E / 3.11250°N 101.71417°E / 3.11250; 101.71417
Owned by Prasarana Malaysia (2002 to present); operated by Rapid Rail.
Line(s)  4  LRT Sri Petaling Line
Platforms 2 side platforms
Tracks 2
Parking Available.
Other information
Station code SP12
Opened July 11, 1998
Preceding station   Rapid KL   Following station
toward Sentul Timur
Sri Petaling Line

Cheras LRT station is a Malaysian at-grade rapid transit station situated near and named after the Kuala Lumpur township of Cheras. The station is part of the Sri Petaling-Sentul Timur branch of the Ampang Line (formerly known as STAR, and the Ampang and Sri Petaling Lines).

The station was opened on July 11, 1998, as part of the second phase of the STAR system's opening, including 7 new stations along the Chan Sow Lin-Sri Petaling route.


Despite its name, Cheras station is not located within or close to the Kuala Lumpur township of Cheras. Rather, the station is situated between the northern Sungai Besi region, Taman Ikan Emas and Salak South, a kilometre northwest from the nearest border to Cheras. The station is thus more reachable to users from the aforementioned three areas, as well as Bandar Sri Permaisuri (Sri Permaisuri Town) to the south, than Cheras.

The station's main access point faces the southeast towards Taman Ikan Emas and is accessible via Jalan Jelawat Satu (Jelawat Road One). In the beginning of its operation, the Cheras station was primarily accessible via a footbridge crossing a ditch. Beginning June 2007, construction work was conducted directly in front of the station, demolishing the original path and requiring a temporary route around the construction site for access into the station.

Until late-2006, the western side of the station was lined along a backroad that branched off Jalan 3/12, and several industrial buildings. The area had since been partially cleared away for the construction of the Kuala Lumpur-Putrajaya Expressway, slated for opening in 2008. While the station itself is unaffected, access from the west now requires crossing an overhead bridge prepared along with the expressway.

The Cheras station was constructed along two leveled tracks, reusing the now defunct Federated Malay States Railway and Malayan Railway route between Kuala Lumpur, Ampang and Salak South. The station is also the last station from the terminating Sri Petaling station before a convergence with the Ampang-bound line and the Chan Sow Lin interchange, 1.5 km northward.


A platform view of Cheras station.

The Cheras station is a low-rise structure with two side platforms lined along two tracks for trains traveling in opposite direction. However, unlike the many at-grade stations dotted along the Miharja-Ampang route, the Cheras station was sited on a set of tracks significantly lower than at-grade stations (similar to the Cahaya station), and only includes a single ticket area, as opposed to two for each platform, because a deep underground tunnel was built linking both platforms. The station also serves as a public crossing by pedestrians and motorcyclists across the Ampang Line tracks between the southeast and northwest via another underground path running beneath the tracks and platforms.

The principal styling of the station is similar to most other stations in the line, featuring curved roofs supported by latticed frames, and white plastered walls and pillars. Because the underground tunnel linking both platforms are connected only by stairways, the station is not accommodative to disabled users.

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