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Cherry Clay
Cherry Clay.jpg
Sophie Abelson as Cherry Clay (2012)
Doctors character
Portrayed by Sophie Abelson
Duration 2009–2012
First appearance "The Final Straw"
6 April 2009
Last appearance "The Pain and the Itch"
19 October 2012
Introduced by Peter Eryl Lloyd
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Practice nurse

Cherry Clay (also Malone) is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera Doctors, portrayed by Sophie Abelson. She made her first appearance on 6 April 2009. Cherry departed Doctors on 19 October 2012.[1]


When Cherry arrived she turned heads amongst the male staff, especially Jimmi Clay and Daniel Granger (Matthew Chambers). However Cherry does not have feelings for them. She was shown to be trying to form a relationship with Simon Bond (David Sturzaker), a GP Registrar, but Cherry was unaware until Zara Carmichael (Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) informed her, that Simon is gay. Cherry has recently helped Michelle Corrigan (Donnaleigh Bailey) realise that she should stay at the surgery.

Recently she saw Michelle drinking vodka in the surgery but after talking to Simon decided to not tell anyone but try to help Michelle instead, but she was knocked back. Then during the vaccination clinic, despite Cherry double checking Michelle gave her the wrong needle and they sent a man into anaphylactic shock, Michelle blamed Cherry. When Cherry tried to tell Julia the truth, Michelle had covered her trail and Cherry was suspended. In September Cherry met, Scott Nielson (Sam Heughan) who was unknown to Cherry that he was a drug dealer. On Friday 13 November 2009, Cherry woke up to find that Scott was lying beside her dead. She tried to resuscitate him but failed. The police arrived and DS Richmond arrested Cherry, saying she had something to do with Scott's death. (At this time it was not known to the viewers that Scott was a drug dealer, although the viewers could tell something was wrong with him.) At the police station, DI Amanda Lucas was very hard a nasty towards Cherry saying she had something to do with Scott's death. Cherry was very upset and could hardly sleep, her solicitor defended her against DI Lucas. Sgt. Rob Hollins (Chris Walker) (who is the husband of Cherry's colleague, Karen (Jan Pearson), and the father of her friend, Imogen (Charlie Clemmow)) found £1,000 worth of heroin stuffed in a teddy bear in Scott's flat. Jimmi Clay (Adrian Lewis Morgan), who was the police surgeon at the station to help Cherry said she is unfit to interview.

Cherry was re-interviewed on Monday 16 November 2009 in the presence of Rob and DI Lucas. At this interview she was shown various items of evidence that proved her deceased fiance was a drug dealer, and towards the end of the interview she accepted the fact that he may be a drug dealer. Even though as pointed out by Sergeant Rob Hollins that all evidence was circumstantial, DI Lucas had no choice but to bail her for 6 weeks. It is now pretty definite that Cherry is a free woman not knowing of any of Scott's illegal activities, as, as of August 2012, Cherry has clearly been formally released. It has now been shown that Cherry has a crush on Jimmi and unbeknown to her, he feels the same way. The only person who knows of Cherry's feelings are her best friend Simon Bond and the only people who knows of Jimmi's feelings are Daniel and Zara. After spotting Cherry leaving Daniel's house early in the morning, Jimmi jumps to the wrong conclusion that Cherry and Daniel had slept together, and was obviously very jealous. He even asked Daniel to move out of the house as he was annoyed with him. Eventually Daniel worked out why Jimmi had been acting in that way, and so confirmed that nothing had happened between him and Cherry. Daniel advised Jimmi to phone Cherry and ask her out on a date, however Jimmi was too shy and nervous, therefore has avoided her for a while. In 2012, Cherry married Jimmi; they separated in October 2012 after Cherry slept with Daniel after Jimmi discovered the fling Cherry left The Mill - Jimmy might have forgiven her for this - however, what really angered him was the fact that Cherry had secretly continued to take the pill, when Jimmi really wanted her to get pregnant.


Abelson was nominated for "Sexiest Female" at the 2012 British Soap Awards.[2]


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