Chicago mayoral election, 1987

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Chicago Mayoral election, 1987
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  Washington h.jpg
Nominee Harold Washington Ed Vrdolyak Donald Haider
Party Democratic Solidarity Republican
Popular vote 600,290 468,493 35,998
Percentage 55.4% 42.0% 3.5%

Mayor before election

Harold Washington

Elected Mayor

Harold Washington

The Chicago Mayoral Election of 1987 saw the re-election of Chicago's first black mayor, Harold Washington. Ed Vrdolyak, the leader of the Vrdolyak 29, opposed him on the Solidarity ticket but was ultimately unsuccessful, as Jane Byrne had been in unseating him in the Democratic primary.

Democratic Primary[edit]

Former Mayor Jane Byrne challenged Washington in the Democratic primary for mayor. Four years earlier he had won nomination against divided opposition, and this year faced a more united block of opponents. Nonetheless, Washington won the Democratic primary.

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Chicago Democratic Party Mayoral Primary, 1987
Candidate Votes  % +/-
Harold Washington 586,841 53.50% +17.22%
Jane Byrne 507,603 46.27% +12.63%
Sheila Jones 2,549 0.23% +0.12%
Majority 79,238 7.22% +2.64%
Total 1,096,993 100.00% N/A