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Chief design officer (sometimes CDO) or design executive officer (DEO) is a corporate title sometimes given to an executive in charge of an organization's design initiatives. The CDO is typically responsible for overseeing all design and innovation aspects of a company's products and services, including product design, graphic design, user experience design, industrial design, and package design. They may also be responsible for aspects of advertising, marketing, and engineering.

The position has emerged only recently, with chief design officers taking on roles that may have previously been assumed by a chief marketing officer, chief product officer, chief brand officer or delegated to lower-ranking design executives.

Chief Design Officers[edit]

Name Company
Jony Ive Apple[1]
Eric Quint 3M[2]
Mauro Porcini Pepsi Co.[3]
Sean Carney Philips[4]
Peter Schreyer Kia Motors[5]
Mariah Garrett USAA[6]
Stefano Marzano Electrolux[7]
Anne Stenros City of Helsinki[8]
Christopher Hawthorne City of Los Angeles[9]
Alastair Curtis Logitech[10]
Max Barenbrug Bugaboo
Dan Makoski Lloyds Banking Group