Chikatetsu-Narimasu Station

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Y-02.png F-02.png
Chikatetsu-narimasu Station

Exit No. 4 of Chikatetsu-Narimasu Station, May 2012
Location 2-11-3 Narimasu, Itabashi, Tokyo
Operated by Tokyo Metro
Other information
Station code F-02, Y-02
Opened 1983
Previous names Eidan-Narimasu (until 2004)

Chikatetsu-narimasu Station (地下鉄成増駅 Chikatetsu-narimasu-eki?) is a subway station in Itabashi, Tokyo, Japan, operated by Tokyo Metro.


Chikatetsu-narimasu Station is served by the Tokyo Metro Yūrakuchō Line (station Y-02) and Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line (station F-02), and is located 2.2 km from the terminus of the two lines at Wakōshi.[1]

Station layout[edit]

The station consists of an island platform serving two tracks. The platforms are equipped with waist-height platform edge doors.[2] The station is wheelchair-accessible.


View of the platforms, May 2012
1  Tokyo Metro Yūrakuchō Line for Kotake-mukaihara, Ikebukuro, Yūrakuchō, and Shin-Kiba
 Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line for Kotake-mukaihara, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku-sanchōme, and Shibuya
2  Tokyo Metro Yūrakuchō Line for Wakōshi, Shiki, Kawagoeshi, and Shinrinkōen
 Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line for Wakōshi, Shiki, Kawagoeshi, and Shinrinkōen

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Tokyo Metro Yūrakuchō Line (Y-02)
Wakōshi (Y-01) Local Chikatetsu-Akatsuka (Y-03)
Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line (F-02)
Wakōshi (F-01) Local Chikatetsu-Akatsuka (F-03)
Wakōshi (F-01) Commuter Express Chikatetsu-Akatsuka (F-03)
Express: Does not stop at this station


View of the platforms in May 2008 before the addition of platform edge doors

The station opened as Eidan-Narimasu Station on June 24, 1983[1] as the terminus of the Yūrakuchō Line from Shintomichō. It became a through station when the line was extended to Wakōshi on August 25, 1987.

The Yūrakuchō New Line (the predecessor of today's Fukutoshin Line) began serving the station on December 7, 1994.

The station gained its current name when the Teito Rapid Transit Authority (known as Teito Kōsokudo Kōtsū Eidan in Japanese) was privatised and became Tokyo Metro on April 1, 2004. The Yūrakuchō New Line was extended and renamed on June 14, 2008.

Waist-height platform edge doors were installed in October 2010.[2]

Surrounding area[edit]


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