Chilean presidential election, 1915

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Chilean presidential election, 1915
← 1910 Friday June 25, 1915 1920 →
  Pdte Sanfuentes.jpg JavierAngelFigueroa.jpg
Candidate Juan Luis Sanfuentes Javier Ángel Figueroa
Party Liberal Democratic Liberal
Alliance Coalition Liberal Alliance
Electoral vote 174 173
Percentage 50.14% 49.86%
Confirmation 77 41

President before election

Ramón Barros Luco

Elected President

Juan Luis Sanfuentes
Liberal Democratic

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A presidential election was held in Chile in 1915. It was a bitterly contested election between Juan Luis Sanfuentes —a coalition candidate of the Liberal Party and Conservative Party— and Javier Ángel Figueroa —supported by the Liberal Alliance parties. Sanfuentes beat Figueroa by a single vote, among numerous allegations of fraud and electoral intervention. Because of this situation, the National Congress was called to confirm the result.



Candidate Party/Coalition Votes  %
Juan Luis Sanfuentes Coalition 174 50.14%
Javier Ángel Figueroa Liberal Alliance 173 49.86%
Total valid 347

Confirmation by Congress[edit]

Candidate Party/Coalition Votes  %
Juan Luis Sanfuentes Coalition 77 65.25%
Javier Ángel Figueroa Liberal Alliance 41 34.75%
Total valid 118

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