Chinese Chongqing Dog

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Chinese Chongqing Dog
Chinese Chongqing Dog Hündin.jpg
Other namesBamboo ratter
Height 35-45 cm
Domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris)

Chinese Chongqing dog, known as East Sichuan city dog (Chinese:重庆犬 ) in China, is a dog breed originally from southwestern China's Sichuan and Chongqing[1][2][3].

The history of this breed can be traced back to Western Han Dynasty (BC 202- AD 8). Archaeologists found a huge Western Han Dynasty’s graveyard in Chongqing on 20 April 2000. A large number of dog pottery statues of their kind were found. Some of them served the purpose of being protector Gods to accompany the tomb of the noble family in spirit. This ancient breed was also used for hunting in the mountain area of East Sichuan. They are intelligent, fearless, agile species with outstanding senses of smell. Chongqing dog are medium-sized dogs and are covered with short harsh coat, which enhances their flexibility to go through the bush while hunting.


The Chongqing dog may be protective of its family and owners, but if a stranger to the dog is kind and the owner is present, the dog will grow to respect it. They are usually a good family companion. However, these dogs are said to be wary of unknown strangers, and if it senses fear, it will prepare for action and attack if any false moves or suspicious actions are made.[4]

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