Chinle Wash

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Chinle Wash is an arroyo, tributary to Chinle Creek in Apache County, Arizona. Its name is derived from the Navajo word ch'inili meaning 'where the waters came out'. Its sources is in Canyon de Chelly National Monument where Canyon de Chelly and Canyon del Muerto have their confluence at an elevation of 5,616 feet at 36°08′35″N 109°29′17″W / 36.14306°N 109.48806°W / 36.14306; -109.48806. It then trends northwest to its confluence with Laguña Creek where it forms Chinle Creek, 7 miles northeast of Dennehotso, Arizona at an elevation of 4,774 feet / 1,455 meters.[1]


Coordinates: 36°53′40″N 109°44′37″W / 36.89444°N 109.74361°W / 36.89444; -109.74361