Laguña Creek

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Map of the Upper San Juan Basin showing the Laguña Creek

Laguña Creek also formerly also known as Tyende Creek,[1]:36–37,81,94,100,106 is a stream in the Navajo and Apache Counties of Arizona. Laguña Creek has its source at 36°41′15″N 110°30′36″W / 36.68750°N 110.51000°W / 36.68750; -110.51000, at the conflence of Long Canyon and Dowozhiebito Canyon at an elevation of 6325 feet / 1928 meters at the head of Tsegi Canyon. Its mouth is in the Chinle Valley at its confluence with Chinle Wash which together forms Chinle Creek, at an elevation of 4774 feet / 1455 meters. Chinle Creek is a tributary of San Juan River which is in turn a tributary of the Colorado River.[2]


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Coordinates: 36°53′40″N 109°44′37″W / 36.89444°N 109.74361°W / 36.89444; -109.74361