Chiru Navvuto

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Chiru Navvuto
Directed by G.Ram Prasad
Produced by Shyam Prasad
Written by Trivikram Srinivas
Starring Venu Thottempudi
Music by Mani Sharma
Cinematography k. Prasad
Release date
10 November 2000
Country India
Language Telugu

Chiru Navvuto (English: With Smile) is a successful 2000 Telugu film starring Venu Thottempudi and Shahin.[1] This was Venu's second film as an actor after his first hit Swayamvaram. This film was also a hit and was later remade into Tamil as Youth starring Joseph Vijay and into Kannada as Premakke Sai starring V. Ravichandran. Some of the scenes were copied from Italian movie Life is beautiful


The story revolves around Venu (Venu), who is an orphan. His philosophy is to live happily with smile (Chirunavvu) all the time. His uncle (Chandra Mohan) wants to marry him with his daughter Aruna (Prema). Aruna runs away from the house during the marriage.

Venu goes to the city to find a job. There he meets Sandhya (Shaheen). During a night party, her soft drinks glass was adulterated with alcohol and she was about to be raped. Then Venu makes a heroic act by saving her from the goondas. Sandhya becomes close to Venu and both of them are fond of each other. During her birthday party, she announces that she is going to get married soon with Pratap (Prakash Raj). Venu, did get upset. When asked about his disappointment, Venu tells Sandhya that he loves her for which she says sorry. Venu believes that Sandhya still loves him. Venu pursues his quest for the love of Sandhya. Meanwhile, Sandhya observes the characters of selfish Pratap and smiling Venu.

Venu gets a call from a police station that Aruna was saved by the police when she tried going for a suicide. Her lover cheated Aruna after elopement. Venu gets her back to his home and heals all her emotional wounds. Sandhya, who observes Venu and becomes a biggest admirer. She feels that Venu is her best friend.

Sandhya, caught in a confusion, asks her mother about her definition of love. Her mother gives the golden words of love saying: "Its better to marry a person who loves you than marrying a person whom you love".

Those words changed the mind and heart of Sandhya and she decides to get back to Venu. Sandhya turns a runaway bride and goes to Venu's house with marriage costumes. But Venu, who has his own attitude and wisdom, makes Sandhya go back to the marriage. Then he takes Pratap into a room and gives him a check of 1 crore and marries Sandhya.

The plot was inspired by 1997 Italian comedy-drama film Life Is Beautiful


Actor / Actress Character
Venu Thottempudi Venu
Shahin Sandhya
Prema Aruna
Prakash Raj Pratap
Chandra Mohan Uncle of Venu
Priya Priya


The film was remade in Tamil as Youth starring Vijay and in Kannada as Premakke Sai with V Ravichandran. Shaheen Khan who acted in the original reprised the same role in other languages. The film had an uncredited remake in Hindi called Muskurake Dekh Zara.


Chiru Navvuto
Soundtrack album by Mani Sharma
Recorded Mani Sharma

The music of the film was composed by Mani Sharma.[2]

Sno Song title Lyricist Singers
1 "Andam Nee Pera Anandam Nee Voora" Bhuvana Chandra Udit Narayan, Prasanna
2 "Hoyyare Hoyyare Andaniki Johare" Bhuvana Chandra Shankar Mahadevan
3 "Kanulu Kalisaaye Kathalu Telisaaye" Bhuvana Chandra K. S. Chitra, Hariharan
4 "Ninnala Monnala Ledura" Sirivennela Sitaramasastri S. P. B. Charan[3]
5 "Santhosam Sagam Balam Hayiga Navvamma" Sirivennela Sitaramasastri S.P. Balasubramaniam
6 "Sonare Sonare" Bhuvana Chandra K. S. Chitra, Shankar Mahadevan


Nandi Awards
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