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Admiral of the Fleet Rank insignia of the Royal Thai Navy.

Chom Phon Ruea or Admiral of the Fleet is the most senior Naval Officer rank of Thailand in the Royal Thai Navy, and is the equivalent to a Fleet Admiral. Today it is ceremonially held by members of the Thai Royal family. The Royal Thai Army equivalent is known as just Chom Phon and Chom Phon Akat for the Royal Thai Air Force.

The King of Thailand as Head of the Armed Forces is automatically made a Chom Phon Rau upon accession, The rank was created in 1888, together with all other ranks by King Chulalongkorn, who wanted to modernize his Armed Forces through western lines. Since then all monarchs have held this title.

Apart from these others both inside and outside the Royal Family has been awarded this rank.

  1. HRH Prince Paripatra Sukhumbhand, Prince of Nakhon Sawan (also attained the rank of Field Marshal)
  2. HRH Prince Mahidol Adulyadej, Prince of Songkhla (awarded posthumously)
  3. Luang Yuthasartkosol (Prayoon Yuthasartkosol)
  4. HM Queen Sirikit, Consort of Rama IX


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