Chwa I of Buganda

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Ssekabaka Chwa I Nabakka
Kabaka of Buganda
ReignMid 14th Century
PredecessorKintu of Buganda
SuccessorKimera of Buganda
DiedLate 14th Century
Spouse1. Lady Nabukalu
2. Lady Nakku
2. Lady Namagembe
FatherKintu of Buganda
MotherNamasole Nambi Nantuttululu

Chwa I Nabakka was Kabaka (King) of the Kingdom of Buganda. He reigned during the mid 14th century. He was the 2nd Kabaka of Buganda.[1]

Claim to the throne[edit]

He was the son of Kabaka Kato Kintu,[2] the first Kabaka of Buganda, who reigned in the early 14th century. His mother was Nambi Nantuttululu, of the Ngeye Clan. He ascended to the throne following the death of his father. He established his capital at Bigo Hill.[1]

Marital life[edit]

He married two wives:[1]

  • Naabakyaala Nakku, the Kaddulubaale, daughter of Walusimbi of the Ffumbe clan. After the death of Kabaka Chwa I, she married Sebwaana, a Regent.
  • Nakiwala, daughter of Semwanga, of the Ngonge clan.


  • Prince (Omulangira) Kalemeera, whose mother was Nakiwala. Kalemeera was driven out of Buganda and forced to seek refuge in Bunyoro, on the orders of his father. In Bunyoro, Kalemeera was accommodated at the court of his uncle, Omukama Winyi I of Bunyoro. There, he had an illicit sexual encounter with Lady Wannyana, daughter of Mugalula Buyonga, a Muhima, the chief wife of his uncle. The affair resulted in a son; one Prince Kimera Walusimbi.[1]

The final years[edit]

Kabaka Kintuabdicated and settled in Magonga. He is said to have disappeared. Up to today, his place of death and burial are unknown.[1] Following his death, there followed a period of Interregnum under the Prime Ministers Walusimbi and his successor, Sebwaana. This period lasted until 1374.[3]

Succession table[edit]

Preceded by
Kato Kintu
King of Buganda
mid fourteenth century
Succeeded by
Kimera Walusimbi

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