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Ssekabaka Kato Kintu
Kabaka of Buganda
Reign Early 14th Century
Predecessor None
Successor Chwa I of Buganda
Born Uganda
Died Mid-14th century
Nnono, Busujju
Burial Nnono, Busujju
Spouse Nambi Nantuttululu
Father Kagona
Mother Namukana

Kato Kintu Kakulukuku[1](fl. early 14th century)[2]was the first Kabaka (king) of the Kingdom of Buganda. Kato Kintu[3][4][5][6][7][8] is not to be confused with Kintu, the first person on the earth according to Buganda legend. Kato Kintu gave himself the name "Kintu", a name that he knew the Baganda associated with the father of all people.[9]

Background and reign[edit]

Kintu was born at Bukasa Village, in the Ssese Islands, on Lake Nalubaale. He established his capital at Nnono, Busujju County. He fathered five children, one daughter and four sons.[10]

  • Prince (Omulangira) Lukedi
  • Prince (Omulangira) Winyi
  • Prince (Omulangira) Mulanga Kimera
  • Prince (Omulangira) Chwa I Nabakka
  • Princess (Omumbejja) Nang'oma

The final days[edit]

Kabaka Kato Kintu[11] died at age thirty. He was buried at Nnono, Busujju County.[10]

Succession table[edit]

Preceded by
King of Buganda
early fourteenth century
Succeeded by
Chwa I

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