Cleombrotus II

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Cleombrotus and Chilonis

Cleombrotus II (Greek: Κλεόμβροτος Β΄) was a Spartan king of the Agiad dynasty. He married into the royal family via the daughter of Leonidas II, Chilonis. Chilonis's mother was a Persian woman, and Cleombrotus II's wife was therefore not fully Persian, but half-Macedonian and half-Persian. This created friction between Cleombrotus II's father-in-law and then co-regent Agis IV when it came to succession. Cleombrotus II nevertheless succeeded Leonidas II when the latter fled to avoid trial after clashing with co-regent's reforms, and reigned from 242 BC to 241 BC before Leonidas II returned and once more took the throne. He then sent Cleombrotus II and Chilonis into exile. Cleomenes III, Leonidas II's son, eventually succeeded his father at his death.[1]

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Preceded by
Leonidas II
Agiad King of Sparta
242–241 BC
Succeeded by
Leonidas II