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Theatrical release poster
Directed by Jonathan Frakes
Produced by Gale Anne Hurd
Julia Pistor
Screenplay by Rob Hedden
J. David Stem
David N. Weiss
Story by Rob Hedden
Andy Hedden
J. David Stem
David N. Weiss
Starring Jesse Bradford
Paula Garcés
French Stewart
Michael Biehn
Robin Thomas
Music by Jamshied Sharifi
Cinematography Tim Suhrstedt
Edited by Peter E. Berger
Jeff W. Canavan
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date
  • March 29, 2002 (2002-03-29)
Running time
94 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $26 million
Box office $38.8 million

Clockstoppers is a 2002 American science fiction action film directed by Jonathan Frakes and produced by Gale Anne Hurd and Julia Pistor. The film stars Jesse Bradford, Paula Garcés, French Stewart, Michael Biehn, Robin Thomas, and Julia Sweeney.

The film was produced by Nickelodeon Movies and distributed by Paramount Pictures.


The NSA-funded Quantum Tech (QT) Corporation has slated a project to develop Hypertime, a technology which allows the user's molecules to speed up to the point where the world appears in standstill. NSA ends the project due to its high amount of risk. However, QT leader Henry Gates plans on using the technology to control the leader of NSA and dominate the world. He uses the prototype to stretch the weekend in order to give his lead scientist Earl Dopler time to fix the remaining glitch in the technology after his henchmen Richard and Jay prevent Earl's incognito departure at the airport. However, Earl being in Hypertime for too long has resulted in him aging rapidly in real time, with his molecular age continued at the same rate despite time slowing down.

However, initially unknown to Gates, Dopler had sent a prototype to his former colleague Dr. George Gibbs. Gibbs' son Zak, with whom he has a strained relationship, discovers the watch accidentally and initially uses it for fun. Zak wins the heart of Francesca, a new Venezuelan girl at the school. Once Gates finds out about the leaked prototype, he sends his henchmen after Zak, who break into his house and search for evidence. Upon learning about the ulterior motive of QT Corporation, Zak sets out to warn his father of the danger he could be in.

A chase ensues, with Zak crashing the car into a river, thus damaging the watch. He awakes in the hospital and barely evades Jay and Richard. He then goes in search of a hiding spot, after having been accused of stealing a van by the police. In a bid to retrieve the watch, QT Corporation enlists the help of national security agencies and portray Zak and his father as wanted fugitives. Zak goes on the run with Francesca, locating the hotel that Gibbs was staying at, with Dopler also in pursuit of Gibbs. However, QT reach Gibbs first and kidnap him.

Zak and Francesca wander the streets aimlessly before being captured by Dopler. However, Francesca knocks Dopler out and she and Zak take Dopler hostage. Dopler reluctantly agrees to help save Gibbs, helps mend the broken watch, and creates guns which can take someone out of Hypertime and back into normal time. The guns are loaded with paintballs filled with frozen nitrogen, and the low temperature "freezes" a person back into normal time.

With Dopler's help, Zak and Francesca break in, but get caught by QT. The two are thrown in a cell with Zak's dad. Zak accelerates while in Hypertime and becomes "light", helping the others break out as NSA Agents arrive and defeat Gates' goons. Gates knocks Francesca out of Hypertime and prepares to do the same to Zak and his dad until Dopler arrives and defeats him. Gates and his henchmen are arrested, and the watches are confiscated.

Dopler uses the machine he was building to reverse his aging effects of Hypertime, but it inadvertently changes him back into a teenager (Miko Hughes), meaning he will have to live with the Gibbs family for a few years, though he still has the voice of his full grown self. Zak enters a relationship with Francesca, reconciles with his father, reunites with his family, and earns a car he wanted. As Zak speeds off in his car with his sister, girlfriend, and younger Dopler, it is revealed that he has not returned the watch and continues to have fun in Hypertime.



No. Title Artist Length
1. "Holiday in My Head" Smash Mouth 2:40
2. "Abracadabra" (2002 Ralph Sall Remix) Sugar Ray 3:44
3. "A Song for Everyone" Fenix TX 4:11
4. "Time After Time" Uncle Kracker 4:20
5. "Never Let You Go" Third Eye Blind 3:57
6. "All the Small Things" Blink-182 2:48
7. "First Date" Blink-182 2:51
8. "Breathe" Nickelback 3:59
9. "The Minute I Met You" New Found Glory 3:03
10. "The Worst Day Ever" Simple Plan 3:34
11. "Bohemian Like You" The Dandy Warhols 3:32
12. "Quicksand" Lit 3:18
13. "Space to Share" Scapegoat Wax 4:04
14. "Know My Name" Kool Keith 3:23
15. "It's the Weekend" Lil' J 3:02
16. "Time Is Ticking Out" The Cranberries 3:01

Home media[edit]

Clockstoppers was released on VHS and DVD on August 13, 2002. Warner Home Video (who releases Paramount titles on DVD and Blu-ray under license, as Paramount themselves have moved to digital-only distribution) reissued Clockstoppers on DVD on September 24, 2013.


The film has garnered mixed to negative reviews. Based on reviews from 85 critics collected by the rating website Rotten Tomatoes, the film was given a score of 29%, with an average score of 4.8 out of 10, with its Critic Consensus calling it "A pleasant diversion for the young teens, but a waste of time for anyone older".[1] Metacritic calculated an average score of 40 out of 100, based on 24 reviews.[2] Clockstoppers opened at a disappointing Number 5 at the Box office ranking in $10,108,333 USD in its first opening weekend, the following week it went down to #7 where it spent a week more. The film grossed a total of $38.8 million against a budget of $26 million.[3]


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