Colônia 31 de Março Biological Reserve

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Colônia 31 de Março Biological Reserve
Area 5,030 hectares (12,400 acres)
Designation Biological reserve
Created 23 September 1974
Administrator IEF Minas Gerais

Colônia 31 de Março Biological Reserve was a biological reserve in Brazil.


The biological reserve was created by Law 16.580 of 23 September 1974 with an area of 5,030 hectares (12,400 acres) in the municipality of Felixlândia, Minas Gerais.[1] An audit in 2012 stated that a number of biological reserves created in 1974 on state-owned land were being re-assessed, since they no longer qualified as conservation units. These were Carmo da Mata, Colônia 31 de Março and others.[2] As of 2016 the reserve did not appear on the list of biological reserves in the state.[3]