Comboios Biological Reserve

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Comboios Biological Reserve
Reserva Biológica de Comboios
Map showing the location of Comboios Biological Reserve
Map showing the location of Comboios Biological Reserve
Location in Brazil
Nearest city Linhares, Espírito Santo
Coordinates 19°42′00″S 39°55′59″W / 19.7°S 39.933°W / -19.7; -39.933Coordinates: 19°42′00″S 39°55′59″W / 19.7°S 39.933°W / -19.7; -39.933
Area 785 hectares (1,940 acres)
Designation biological reserve
Created 25 September 1984

Comboios Biological Reserve (Portuguese: Reserva Biológica de Comboios) is a biological reserve in the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil.


Comboios Biological Reserve is in the municipalities of Aracruz and Linhares, Espírito Santo.[1] The coastal biome reserve which has an area of 785 hectares (1,940 acres) was established by decree of 25 September 1984.[2] It became part of the Central Atlantic Forest Ecological Corridor, created in 2002.[3]


As of 2009 the Biological Reserve was a "strict nature reserve" under IUCN protected area category Ia. Objectives are full preservation of biota and other natural attributes.[1] The reserve is the state headquarters for Projeto TAMAR, the turtle conservation organization. The reserve's aquarium contains giant sea turtles, and the residents of nearby Regência make their living from turtle conservation as well as fishing.[4] Protected species in the conservation unit are Amazona rhodocorytha, Atta robusta, Maned sloth, Cnemidophorus and Panthera onca.[2]