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Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC) (French: Jeux du Commonwealth Canada) (JCU) is the Commonwealth Games Association of Canada responsible for Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth movement in Canada.[1]

Board of Directors[edit]

Board of directors are elected for a quadrennial term.[2]

Name Designation
Andrew Pipe President
Claude Bennett Past President
Richard Powers Treasurer
Sue Boreskie Vice President
Nancy Lee Vice President
Linda Cuthbert Vice President
John Stanton Vice President
Rob Toller Vice President
Suzanne Weckend Athlete Representative
Trevino Betty Ex Officio
Bruce Robertson Ex Officio

Commonwealth Games Foundation of Canada[edit]

The Commonwealth Games Foundation of Canada (CGFC) is a body within the Commonwealth Games Canada, established in 1982 with an aim to raise the funds required to send the Canadian delegation—athletes and officials—to the Commonwealth Games.[3] Former president of the Hudson's Bay Company George Heller is the incumbent president of the CGFC, who was also the president and CEO of the 1994 Commonwealth Games Organismic Committee.[4]

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