Coop's Shot Tower

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Coop's Shot Tower
Coop's Shot Tower, encased by the Melbourne Central cone
General information
Completed 1888
Height 50 metres (160 ft)
Four people abseiling down the shot tower as part of a promotional event

Coop's Shot Tower is a shot tower located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD, Australia.[1] It was completed in 1888[2] and is 50 metres high. The historic building was saved from demolition in 1973 and was incorporated into Melbourne Central complex in 1991 underneath an 84 m-high conical glass roof.

Coop's Shot Tower is 9 storeys high, and has 327 steps to the top. The tower produced six tonnes of shot weekly up until 1961, when the demand for the lead shot dwindled, because of new firearm regulations.[citation needed] The tower was operated by the Coops family, who also managed Clifton Hill Shot Tower.

A museum called the Shot Tower Museum has been set up inside of the tower at the back of R.M. Williams and DJI (D1 Store) a tenant in the tower.[1]

The site is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.[1]


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