Torneo del Inca

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Torneo del Inca
Region Peru
Number of teams32 (2011)
16 (2014)
Current championsUniversidad César Vallejo
Most successful club(s)Alianza Lima
José Gálvez
Universidad César Vallejo
(1 title each)
2015 season

The Torneo del Inca was a football competition in Peru played by the football clubs of the Primera División. It was founded in 2011 under the name Torneo Intermedio and was played as a domestic football cup competition between clubs of the first and second division in addition to amateur clubs from smaller leagues that compete in the Copa Perú. It was on hiatus until 2014 when it was reorganized under the name Torneo del Inca and played only between first division teams; its format was modified to feature a group stage and a final. Subsequent editions followed a similar format with a group stage and subsequent knockout rounds.



Logo for 2011 Copa Inca.

Due to the 2011 Copa América, at the end of the 2011 Torneo Descentralizado's first round, the Torneo Intermedio was played, with the participation of the 16 teams of the Primera División, 5 teams of the Segunda División, and 14 teams of the Copa Perú. The winners qualified for the 2012 Copa Federación against the 2011 Torneo Descentralizado champion.


For the 2014 season, the 16 teams from the 2014 Torneo Descentralizado were divided in two groups of eight from which the first place teams in each respective group played a in the competiiton's final. The champion qualified to the 2015 Copa Libertadores as Peru 3 and the runner-up qualified to the 2015 Copa Sudamericana as Peru 4 if they maintained a position above ninth place in the 2014 Torneo Descentralizado


The 2015 season featured the first division teams again but dividing them in 3 groups. The winners of each group advanced to the semifinals in addition to the best second-placed team.


Season Winner Score Runner-up Venue Attendance
2011 José Gálvez 1–1 Sport Áncash Rosas Pampa, Huaraz 11,183
José Gálvez 6–2 Sport Áncash Manuel Rivera Sanchez, Chimbote
2014 Alianza Lima 2–2 (5–3 p) Universidad San Martín Miguel Grau, Callao 13,239
2015 Universidad César Vallejo 3–1 Alianza Lima Nacional, Lima 35,320

Titles by club[edit]

Club Winners Runners-up Winning years Runners-up years
Alianza Lima 1 1 2014 2015
José Gálvez 1 0 2011
Universidad César Vallejo 1 0 2015

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