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The Peruvian football league system is a complex system. Though the general outline includes the Torneo Descentralizado, Segunda División and Copa Perú, the Copa Perú is very large involving several stages and leagues within it. In addition, the Copa Perú is played within a year. Therefore, clubs who reach level 3 of the pyramid (National stage of the Copa Perú) will have climbed 4 levels in a one-year period.

The system[edit]

Both the Segunda División and Copa Perú promote one club to the Campeonato Descentralizado. In addition, the Copa Perú promotes another club to the Segunda División. However, beginning in 2011, the Copa Perú will promote only to level 2 of the pyramid.

Level Division(s)/League(s)
1 Primera División
(Torneo Descentralizado or Copa Movistar)
16 clubs
2 Segunda División
(Torneo de Ascenso)
16 clubs
National stage
(Copa Perú)
16 clubs
3 National stage
(Copa Perú)
16 clubs
4 Regional stage

Region I (Copa Perú) 8 clubs | Region II (Copa Perú) 8 clubs | Region III (Copa Perú) 4 clubs | Region IV (Copa Perú) 4 clubs
Region V (Copa Perú) 6 clubs | Region VI (Copa Perú) 6 clubs | Region VII (Copa Perú) 6 clubs | Region VIII (Copa Perú) 8 clubs


Ligas Departamentales (Departmental stage)
Variable number of clubs

Ligas Superiores 12 leagues
Liga Superior de Ancash | Liga Superior de Arequipa | Liga Superior de Ayacucho | Liga Superior de Cajamarca | Liga Superior del Callao | Liga Superior del Cuzco | Liga Superior de Lambayeque | Liga Superior de Huánuco | Liga Superior de Pasco | Liga Superior de Piura | Liga Superior de Puno | Liga Superior de Tumbes

6 Liga Provinciales (Provincial stage)
7 Ligas Distritales First Division (District stage)
8 Ligas Distritales Second Division
9 Ligas Distritales Third Division

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