Copa El Gráfico-Perú

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Copa El Gráfico-Perú
Founded 1999
Region South America (CONMEBOL)
Number of teams Variable
Most successful team(s) Peru Alianza Lima (2 titles)
Peru Sporting Cristal (2 titles)
Peru Cienciano (2 titles)
Uruguay Peñarol (2 titles)

The Copa El Gráfico-Perú, was an international exhibition football competition hosted in Peru since 1999 until 2006. It features teams from Peru, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. All matches are played at the Estadio Nacional in Lima.


Season Champion (title count) Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place
1999 Peru Alianza Lima (1) Peru Universitario
2000 Peru Universitario (1) Chile Universidad de Chile
2001 Peru Sporting Cristal (1) Peru Universitario
2002-I Uruguay Peñarol (1) Peru Alianza Lima
2002-II Uruguay Peñarol (1) Peru Sporting Cristal
2003 Peru Alianza Lima (2) Argentina Independiente
2004 Peru Cienciano (1) Argentina Estudiantes
2005 Peru Cienciano (2) Peru Universitario
2006 Peru Sporting Cristal (2) Peru José Gálvez Peru Alianza Lima Peru Cienciano

Titles by club[edit]

Club Winners Winning Seasons
Peru Alianza Lima 2 1999, 2003
Peru Cienciano 2 2004, 2005
Uruguay Peñarol 2 2002-I, 2002-II
Peru Sporting Cristal 2 2001, 2006
Peru Universitario 1 2000

1999 Copa El Gráfico-Perú[edit]

2000 Copa El Gráfico-Perú[edit]

2001 Copa El Gráfico-Perú[edit]

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2002-II Copa El Gráfico-Perú[edit]

2003 Copa El Gráfico-Perú[edit]

2004 Copa El Gráfico-Perú[edit]

2005 Copa El Gráfico-Perú[edit]

2006 Copa El Gráfico-Perú[edit]


Third Place[edit]