1912 Copa del Rey

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1912 Copa del Rey
Country Spain
Teams 4
Defending champions Athletic Bilbao
Champions FC Barcelona
Runners-up Sociedad Gimnástica
Matches played 3
Goals scored 8 (2.67 per match)

The Copa del Rey 1912 was the 11th edition of the oldest Spanish Association Football cup competition the Copa del Rey.

The competition started on March 31, 1912, and concluded on April 12, 1912, with the Final, held at the Industria Stadium in Barcelona, in which FC Barcelona lifted the trophy for the second time ever after a 2–0 victory over Sociedad Gimnástica.

Six teams were planned to take place in the tournament, but Athletic de Bilbao and Academia de Infantería withdrew just before the start of the tournament.


31 March 1912
FC Barcelona 3–0 España de Barcelona
Alfredo Massana Goal
José Rodríguez Goal
Estévez Goal
Camp de la Indústria, Barcelona
Referee: Spain Kindelán



7 April 1912
FC Barcelona 2–0 Sociedad Gimnástica
Alfredo Massana Goal
José Rodríguez Goal
Camp de la Indústria, Barcelona
Referee: England Hamilton

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Copa del Rey 1912 Winners
FC Barcelona
2nd title


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