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Copyright Promotions Licensing Group (also known as CPLG) is a brand licensing agency founded in 1974.[1] Headquartered in London, CPLG also operates offices in Paris, Barcelona, Milan, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Munich and has recently expanded its global reach by opening new offices in Toronto [2] and Japan.

CPLG represents licensors across three divisions: entertainment, sport, and design. Entertainment brands include Elvis,[3] Spider-Man, Peanuts, World Wide Wrestling, Bob the Builder, Sesame Street, Star Trek, Felix the Cat, and Where's Waldo. England Rugby, England football, England Cricket as well as St Andrews Links and World Rally Championship are licensed under CPLG's Sport division. Design brands include Skelanimlas, Valerie Tabor Smith, Janneike Brinkman and Whatever It Takes.

DHX Subsidiary (2012-present)[edit]

In 2008, as part of a merger with DIC Entertainment, Cookie Jar Group acquired CPLG.[4] The merger between Cookie Jar Group and DIC Entertainment was finalized when Cookie Jar Group paid US $31.5 million to cover outstanding equity with DIC. The total value of the deal was $87.6 million.[5]

In October 2012, CPLG's parent company, Cookie Jar Group, was acquired by fellow Canadian media company DHX Media, with ownership of CPLG shifting to that company.


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