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Kosmos 557 (DOS-3)
Salyut program insignia.svg
Salyut programme insignia
Station statistics
COSPAR ID 1973-026A[1]
Crew 3
Launch 11 May 1973
00:20:00 UTC
Launch pad LC-81/24, Baikonur Cosmodrome, USSR
Reentry 22 May 1973
Mass 19,400 kg
Perigee 218 km
Apogee 266 km
Orbital inclination 51.6 degrees
Orbital period 89.1 minutes
Days in orbit 11 days (22 May 1973)
Days occupied 0 days (22 May 1973)
No. of orbits ~175 (22 May 1973)
Statistics as of 11 May 1973
(Unless noted otherwise)
Salyut 4 and Soyuz drawing.svg
The planned orbital configuration of DOS-3.

Kosmos 557 (Russian: Космос 557 meaning Cosmos 557) was the designation given to DOS-3, the third space station in the Salyut program. It was originally intended to be launched as Salyut-3, but due to its failure to achieve orbit on May 11, 1973, three days before the launch of Skylab, it was renamed Kosmos-557.

Due to errors in the flight control system while out of the range of ground control, the station fired its attitude thruster until it consumed all of its attitude control fuel and became uncontrollable before raising its orbit to the desired altitude. Since the spacecraft was already in orbit and had been registered by Western radar, the Soviets disguised the launch as "Kosmos 557" and quietly allowed it to reenter Earth's atmosphere and burn up a week later. It was revealed to have been a Salyut station only much later.

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