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Costas Ferris
Born (1935-04-18) 18 April 1935 (age 85)
OccupationProducer, Film director, Television director, Playwright, Screenwriter, Composer, Author, Actor, Journalist
Years active1961-present

Costas Ferris (Greek: Κώστας Φέρρης; born 18 April 1935) is a Greek film director, writer, actor, and producer. He wrote the lyrics of Aphrodite's Child's album 666. His 1983 film Rembetiko won the Silver Bear at the 34th Berlin International Film Festival.[1]

Memberships and associations[edit]


Year Title Role Notes
1960 The River Assistant Director
1961 Ta Matoklada Sou Lampoun Producer, Director, Editor (Short film)
Your Eyelashes are Sparkling
1963 Enas Delicanis Technical Assistant Director Crazy Blood
1964 Male Hunt Assistant Director
1964 The Moon-Spinners Second Assistant Director
1965 Merikes To Protimoun Khaki Director, Screenwriter Some Girls Like It In Khaki
1966 Devil at My Heels Assistant Director, Actor
1967 The Day the Fish Came Out Assistant Director
1967 Tu imagines Robinson Assistant Director
1968 Kierion Actor
1971 Le Sang Screenwriter
1971 Love Is Gay, Love Is Sad Second Assistant Director
1973 To mavro fengari Editor, Cinematographer (Short film)
1974 I Fonissa[2][3] Director, Screenwriter The Murderess
1975 Promitheas Se Theftero Prosopo[4] Director, Screenwriter, Actor Prometheus In the Second Person
1976 Opus 18 - Dokimi Director, Writer (Short film)
1978 Dyo fengaria ton Avgousto Director, Screenwriter, Actor Double Moon In August
1979 Exoristos Stin Kentriki Leoforo[5][6] Producer, Screenwriter, Actor,
Editor, Composer
Exile On Main Avenue
1981 Barbecue Them! Actor
1983 Rembetiko[7] Producer, Director, Screenwriter
1984 Loaf and Camouflage Actor
1985 I gynekes sti glastra Editor (Short film)
1987 Made in Greece Actor
1989 Oh Babylon[8] Director, Editor, Screenwriter
2000 Women's Vices Actor
2002 Ariadni Actor

Television documentaries and series[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
1964 Bassae First Assistant Director
1973 I empori ton ethnon Director Lyrics for: "Itane mia fora"
1973-1974 The Merchants Of the Nations Director
1975 Violet City Director
1975-1978 Backstage Director
1975 Thessaloniki Director
1976 In Macedonia Director
1976 Helen Of The Donkeys Director
1977 From Improvisation To 3 Minutes Director
1978 Xenakis Polytopon Director, Screenwriter
1978 Erotas ke epanastasi Director
1978 Love and Revolution Director
1979 Murder In Psychico Director
1979 Elliniko ke xeno monoprakto Director
1982 The Zardi Family Director, Screenwriter
1984-1985 Artistic Cafe Host
1985 Tsitsanis Director
1985 Apodrasi Director Escape
1985 Rembetiko Director Mini-series version of Feature Film
1986 Crucifixion-Resurrection Director, Screenwriter
1990 Rock Around the Films Director, Screenwriter
1992 Klak - The Dictionary Of Greek Cinema Director
1992 Signs Of the Times Director
1994 I dikigori tis Athinas Writer
1995 San paramythi Director, Writer
1995 The Lawyers Of Athens Screenwriter
1997 The Kety Grey Story Director, Screenwriter
2001 Films and Music Host, Screenwriter
2008 Onirou Ellas Director, Writer
2008 I zoi ke to ergo tou Mimi Plessa Featured


Year Title Artist Role Collaboration Notes
1971 666 Aphrodite's Child Lyrics, Concept X
1973 Akritas Akritas Lyrics, Concept X With Stavros Logaridis and Aris Tassoulis
TBD Prossechos Stavros Logaridis Lyrics X
1982 The Zardi Family Stavros Logaridis Lyrics X
1984 Rembetiko Stavros Xarhakos Lyrics X
1985 Apodrassi Thesia Panayiotou Lyrics X
TBD Oh Babylon Thesia Panayiotou Lyrics X
TBD Come To Thomas Thesia Panayiotou Lyrics X
TBD Oniric Hellas Thesia Panayiotou Lyrics X
TBD The Rembetiko At Thomas' Den Thesia Panayiotou Lyrics X
TBD Café-Aman (Live) TBD Lyrics X
1999 Rembetiko, The Musical Thesia Panayiotou Lyrics X

Awards and nominations[edit]

Thessaloniki Film Festival

  • 1974: Greek Competition Award (Best Director) (The Murderess, Won)
  • 1978: Hellenic Association of Film Critics Award (Dyo Fengaria Ton Avgousto, Honorable Mention)
  • 1978: Greek Competition Award (Best Film) (Dyo Fengaria Ton Avgousto, Third Place)
  • 1983: Greek Competition Award (Best Film) (Rembetiko, Won)

Berlin International Film Festival

Alexandria International Film Festival

Valencia Film Festival


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