Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams

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Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams
Cotton - Fantastic Night Dreams arcade flyer.jpg
Japanese arcade flyer
Director(s)Taku Ishigouoka
Producer(s)Takato Yoshinari
Designer(s)T. Kashima
Programmer(s)Masaru Hatsuyama
Toshiyuki Kuwabara
Artist(s)Hideki Tamura
Shinobu Itō
Takeshi Takahashi
Composer(s)Kenichi Hirata
Genre(s)Shoot 'em up
Arcade systemSega System 16
CPUM68000 (@ 10 MHz)
SoundSound CPU:
Z80 (@ 5 MHz),
Sound chips:
YM2151, NEC uPD7759
DisplayRaster, 320 × 224 pixels (Horizontal), 4096 colors

Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams[a] is a shoot 'em up video game developed by Success and first released by Sega in arcades in 1991. The game is a horizontal shooter where the player controls Cotton, a young witch who rides a broomstick. It has been ported to many systems, including the Sharp X68000 home computer, the PC Engine Super CD-ROM², PlayStation and Neo-Geo Pocket Color.

It was the first entry in the Cotton series and was followed up by many subsequent sequels.[1][2]


Arcade version screenshot.

Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams is a "cute 'em up", a sub-genre of shoot 'em ups that tend to have unusual, oftentimes completely bizarre opponents for the player to fight.[3] It plays in a similar way to other scrolling shooter video games such as R-Type.[citation needed] What distinguishes Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams from other games of a similar ilk is its bright colorful graphics and its lead character, Cotton. The game also takes place in a fantasy dream-like world instead of space like many other shooting games. The game can be compared to other fantasy Shoot 'em up games like Parodius. It bears most similarities in style to the Chariot game on Three Wonders.[citation needed]

The player must blast various monsters and avoid being shot. The player can collect power-ups to enhance their weaponry and unleash a more powerful attack on the enemy. The player has lives represented by an arrow. The player has three lives and is only allowed one hit per life.[citation needed]

The game has been compared to Magical Chase, as they both feature young witch characters who ride broomsticks, are of the same genre of shooting games, and were released for the PC-Engine in a similar time frame.[4]

The game incorporates some role playing game elements, such as being able to level up attack up to 13 levels.[5]


Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams was first published by Success in the arcades for the Sega System 16 arcade board in April 1991.[6][7]

The game was ported to the Sharp X68000 home computer and the TurboGrafx-16 game console in 1993.[6] The X68000 version was published by Electronic Arts Victor and is a nearly perfect port of the arcade version.[8] The Turbografx-16 version runs on the Super CD-ROM² add-on. It was published by Hudson Soft and released on February 12, 1993.[6] It features a lower resolution, a modified color palette, and CD quality audio.[8] The Japanese version also includes voice acting with Cotton being voiced by Tarako.[9]

Cotton was ported to other systems in later years. It was ported to the PlayStation in Japan under the title Cotton Original on April 28, 1999. This version was reissued on March 30, 2000 under the "SuperLite 1500" budget series.[10] The game was also ported to the Neo Geo Pocket Color in 2000.[11] Due to hardware limitations, it features less detailed graphics and inferior sound quality compared to previous versions.[12] It has since become a rare collector's item.[13] In 2007, the game was released for mobile phones in Japan. To commemorate the release, 50 Cotton themed teacups were given away in a lottery and a competition.[14] Also on June 28, 2007 Cotton Original was released for the PlayStation network's Game Archives.[15]

In 2019, a new release of the game, based on the Sharp X68000 version and tentatively titled Cotton Reboot was announced by a company named "Beep". It is scheduled for release on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.[16] The game will be in 16:9 aspect ratio, and they plan on adding an extra arrange mode for new players of the series, as well as a faithful port of the X68000 version. The PS4 and Switch versions will be made available through both a physical purchase, as well as downloadable, while Steam will be only download. Additionally, they plan on re-releasing the original Sharp X68000 version on Floppy disk.[17]


Review scores
CVG90/100 (PCE)[23]
82/100 (PCE) [24]
Famitsu21/40 (PS)[10]
18/40 (NGP)[11]
GameFan79.75/100 (PCE)[25]
GameSpot7.1/10 (NGP)[12]
Video Games65/100 (PCE)[18]
4/5 (NGP)[19]
Mega Fun71/100 (PCE)[20]
Consoles +88% (PCE)[22]
Game Power76/100[26]
Gamers' RepublicD- (PS)[21]
GamestGrand Prize: 5th place (AC)[28]

Best Shooting Award: 4th place (AC) [28]

Best Presentation Award: 4th place (AC)

Best VGM Award: 4th place (AC)[28]

The year-round hit game: 33rd place (AC) [28]

The publication Gamest gave the game several awards for the 5th Gamest Grand Prize. Cotton won 4th place in the Best Shooting Award, 4th place in the Best Direction Award, 4th place in the Best VGM Award, and the character of Cotton won 2nd place in Character Awards for best character.[28]

Famitsu gave Cotton Original a score of 21/40.[10]

Gamers' Republic gave the PlayStation port a score of D-, calling the game "antiquated", as well as "lifeless" and "insufferably monotonous". The reviewer said to play games like Radiant Silvergun or R-Type Delta, to see the gap in quality between those games and Cotton.[21] Famitsu was critical of this version, saying that after 8 years the game was showing its age.[10] GameFan however, praised the PlayStation version, saying that despite the issue with slowdown, that it is still worth checking out.[29]

In 2008, IGN placed both Cotton and Magical Chase as number 4 on the top ten list of TurboGrafx titles not released on the Virtual Console.[4]


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