Creation (John Coltrane album)

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Creation (album).jpeg
Live album by John Coltrane
Released 1965
Recorded February 23, 1964 and April 2, 1965
Label Blue Parrot

Creation is a 1965 album by jazz musician John Coltrane. The 1965 tracks - "Impressions" and "Creation" - were recorded at the Half Note Cafe, New York. "Alabama" was recorded in San Francisco a year before. "Creation" may be incorrectly titled - the title was drawn from a bootleg album. This is the only known recording of the tune. An abbreviated version of the same performance has appeared on several compilation albums (e.g. "Kind Of Coltrane").

Track listing[edit]

Original LP release Creation (Blue Parrot).

  1. "Alabama” – 6:10
  2. "Impressions” – 14:11
  3. "Creation” – 23:05


Recorded February 23, 1964 and April 2, 1965.