Daniela Anahí Bessia

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Daniela Bessia
Born(1989-07-09)July 9, 1989
OccupationTV, advertisement, bands, concerts and tours, performance, recording
Musical career
Also known asBDaniela

Daniela Anahi Bessia (Chinese: 安达)is an Argentinean singer who lives in Shanghai.[1][2] She is a writer, dancer, actor and model.[3] Bessia's native language is Spanish. She is also proficient in English and Chinese.

Early life[edit]

Bessia was born in Buenos Aires. At age nine, she began to learn to sing. She learned to play violin and guitar at age eleven. She later mastered other instruments, such as drums, bass, flute and the Chinese erhu.

After graduating from high school, she attended Buenos Aires School of Music.


In 2011, she went to Shanghai. In Argentina, she appeared at many events, notably the China Ambassador Museum celebration. She received a full scholarship to study Chinese language and culture.[4] She appeared on TV shows, toured, celebrations and brand promotion activities.


She was invited to appear on Xianyan (China talent show). Afterwards, she appeared in Tonight Said Something and Oriental zhiboshi, among others. She was a special guest on Venus Mars Hit and on Shanghai Summer Charm and with the Shanghai Philharmonic orchestra. She appear on Jinshe Spring Festival Spring Festival Gala 2013 on Taiwan. She appeared on CCTV programs Gold 100 Seconds and Avenue of Stars.[4]

Variety shows[edit]

  • Avenue of Stars
  • Gold 100 Seconds[5]
  • Snake Spring Festival Spring Festival Gala 2013[6]
  • Venus mars Hit
  • I said something
  • Hai anda Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra is still my heart
  • Cauliflower sweet mother
  • Ecuela se Sabores (host) for CCTV Español
  • 开门大吉,CCTV3- CCTV1


In March 2014, Bessia recorded an album, a collection of all the songs she sang in the China.


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