Dawukou District

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Dawukou District (simplified Chinese: 大武口区; traditional Chinese: 大武口區; pinyin: Dàwǔkǒu Qū; Wade–Giles: Ta-wu-k’ou Ch’ü) is a district under the administration of Shizuishan city in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China. It has a total area of 1007 square kilometers, and a population of approximately 230,000 people.


Dawukou District is a well-known industrial region, and it has attracted considerable investment in recent years. The district's main projects vary greatly, and mainly include light polluting or non-polluting industries. The district's postal code is 753000.

Coordinates: 39°05′00″N 106°18′26″E / 39.08333°N 106.30722°E / 39.08333; 106.30722