Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lifestyle/Culinary Show Host

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Beginning in 2013, The Daytime Emmy Awards currently give out two awards to honor hosts of culinary, craft, and lifestyle programming. The categories are Outstanding Culinary Host and Outstanding Lifestyle/Travel Host. The category originated in 1994 and was known as the Outstanding Service Host. Prior to that, hosts of service and craft shows would compete in the Outstanding Talk Show Host category. In 2007, the category name was changed to Outstanding Lifestyle Host and was changed again in 2009 to Outstanding Lifestyle/Culinary Host.


Outstanding Service Show Host (1994-2006)[edit]

Outstanding Lifestyle Host (2007-2008)[edit]

Outstanding Lifestyle/Culinary Host (2009-2012)[edit]

Outstanding Culinary Host (2013-)[edit]

Outstanding Host in a Lifestyle/Travel Program (2013-2014)[edit]

Outstanding Lifestyle/Travel/Children's Series Host (2015-2016)[edit]

Outstanding Host in a Lifestyle/Travel/Children's or Family Viewing Program (2017-2018)[edit]

Outstanding Host for a Lifestyle, Children's or Special Class Program (2019-)[edit]

Multiple wins[edit]

5 wins

3 wins

2 wins