De Wereld Draait Door

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De Wereld Draait Door
De Wereld Draait Door-studio.jpg
Studio of DWDD
Genre Talk show, entertainment
Directed by Dieuwke Wynia
Presented by Matthijs van Nieuwkerk
Country of origin Netherlands
Original language(s) Dutch
Location(s) Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
Running time 60 minutes
Production company(s) VARA
Original network NPO 3 (2005-2013), NPO 1 (2014-present)
Original release 10 October 2005
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A person with a laserdisc player and a television. This image was used in De Wereld Draait Door to end the part "De Televisie Draait Door"

De Wereld Draait Door (literally: "The World keeps turning"; can also mean "The World is going crazy") is a talk show on Dutch television. It is the Netherlands longest running, regularly scheduled entertainment program and the second most-watched tv program on Dutch television in 2016, except for the news.

The chat, conducted at a large table, is hosted by Matthijs van Nieuwkerk and a guest co-host who changes daily. Guests are politicians, celebrities, artists, or simply people involved in projects or organizations that are topics of interest. The show contains a mixture of news, information, television bloopers and general entertainment. Frequent guests and panelists are Jan Mulder, Yvon Jaspers, Halina Reijn, Giel Beelen, Mathijs Bouman,[1] and Marc-Marie Huijbregts. Each show has a live performance of a band in the studio. The show's closing sequence is Lucky TV, a small movie clip that features a parody of news with changed voice-over text added to the video.

House poet Nico Dijkshoorn has a weekly column in the show, usually on Wednesday.

The show was created by Dieuwke Wynia, and is produced by the VARA and broadcast on NPO 1.

DWDD University[edit]

DWDD University is a series of special episodes, in which a professional expert in a certain area holds a one-and-a-half hour long lecture to a general audience. It commenced in 2012 with a lecture by IAS director Robbert Dijkgraaf about the big bang.

The following speakers have contributed to DWDD university:

Date Speaker Subject Location Viewership
17 May 2012 Robbert Dijkgraaf Big bang Ronde Lutherse Kerk (Church) 991,000
16 November 2012 Robbert Dijkgraaf The smallest (microkosmos) Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam 1,056,000
26 April 2013 Alexander Klöpping De Wereld van Klöpping 1.0 (the past of Silicon Valley) MC Theater 586,000
3 May 2013 Alexander Klöpping De Wereld van Klöpping 2.0 (the present of Silicon Valley) 466,000
10 May 2013 Alexander Klöpping De Wereld van Klöpping 3.0 (the future of Silicon Valley) 536,000
29 November 2013 Robbert Dijkgraaf Albert Einstein theories Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam 859,000
13 December 2013 Robert Kranenborg Cows 725,000
28 November 2014 Robbert Dijkgraaf Infinity 1,104,000
12 December 2014 Freek Vonk Poison 1,462,000
30 April 2015 Erik Scherder Human brain (part 1): De Aanknop Podium Mozaïek
7 May 2015 Erik Scherder Human brain (part 2): Bloedstollend
14 May 2015 Erik Scherder Human brain (part 3): Het Geheugen
28 May 2015 Twan Huys DWDD Summerschool: Bill and Hillary Clinton 858,000
4 June 2015 Gijs Scholten van Aschat DWDD Summerschool: William Shakespeare 645,000
11 June 2015 Claudia de Breij DWDD Summerschool: Het Nederlandse lied (Dutch song) 925,000
18 June 2015 Wim Pijbes DWDD Summerschool: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam 998,000
25 June 2015 Mart Smeets DWDD Summerschool: American big four: baseball, ice hockey, basketball and American Football 719,000
2 July 2015 Wilfried de Jong & Michel van Egmond DWDD Summerschool: Miles Davis
27 November 2015 Robbert Dijkgraaf Black holes Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam 1,212,000
12 March 2016 Beatrice de Graaf Terrorism 1,216,000
2 December 2016 Robbert Dijkgraaf Light[2] Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
9 December 2016 Freek Vonk Evolution[3] Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam


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