De Wereld Draait Door

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A person with a laserdisc player and a television. This image was used in De Wereld Draait Door to end the part "De Televisie Draait Door"

De Wereld Draait Door (literally: "The World keeps turning"; can also mean "The World is going crazy") is a Dutch television program produced by the VARA and broadcast on NPO 1. The show is created by Ewart van der Horst and the host is Matthijs van Nieuwkerk. The program centers on a talk show chat format; the chat takes place at a large table and includes Van Nieuwkerk, a guest co-host that changes daily, and invitees such as politicians, celebrities, artists, or simply people involved in projects or organizations that are topics of interest. The show contains a mixture of news, information, television bloopers and general entertainment. Frequent guests and panelists are Jan Mulder, Yvon Jaspers, Halina Reijn, Giel Beelen, Mathijs Bouman,[1] and Marc-Marie Huijbregts. Every day there's a live performance of a band in the studio. The television program is closed daily with Lucky TV, a small movie clip that features a parody of news with changed voice-over text added to the video shots.


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