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Dean Taylor is an American indie rock guitarist.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre[edit]

Taylor is most famous for his work with the neo-psychedelic rock band, The Brian Jonestown Massacre. He was an original member and contributed as a guitarist throughout the band's early career.

Taylor was featured in the Ondi Timoner documentary movie DiG!. Dean Taylor, along with Joel Gion, Matt Hollywood, Dave Deresinski and Miranda Lee Richards provide additional commentary on disc one of the DVD DiG!.

Taylor later left the project permanently in 1999.

The Mandarins/Tokyo Raid[edit]

Taylor contributed to the San Francisco-based indie/shoegaze/neo-psychedelic rock band, The Mandarins. The group was formed in early November, 2004 by guitarist Ben Utah. Taylor was active with the band in 2006-2007. In 2008, the band changed its name to Tokyo Raid.


with The BJM[edit]

with The Mandarins/Tokyo Raid[edit]

  • When The Devil Calls, Tell Him To Take A Number (EP) (2005)
  • Cleopatra (EP) (2007)

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