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Declan Meehan
EmployerEast Coast FM, Today FM

Declan Meehan (Irish: Déaglán Ó Míocháin) is an Irish radio presenter. Currently fronting The Morning Show with local radio station East Coast FM,[1] his career has incorporated involvement with multiple pirate radio stations (including Radio Milinda, the first to be raided and prosecuted) and, later, Radio 2 (where he was one of the pioneering station's original presenters). From there he moved to the superpirates of the 1980s, before a spell with legal radio in London, England. He is remembered for "presenting a cool and calm front".[2] on the morning that Radio Nova was raided in May 1983. He had joined the station from Sunshine Radio.

When Radio Milinda was threatened with closure in December 1972,[3] Meehan declared on air in the week prior to the eventual raid, that they would "fight anybody who tried to close them down". Years later, he commented on the raid:

"We were fined £2, all the equipment was confiscated and it was great fun, a great adventure."[4]

List of stations work with[edit]

  • Radio Vanessa 1970-1972
  • Radio Milinda 1972
  • RTÉ Trinity Radio 1976 Temporary Licence
  • ARD 1976-1978
  • Big D 1978 (Declan Matthews)
  • ARD 1979
  • RTÉ Radio 2 1979-1980
  • Sunshine Radio 1980 - 1982
  • Radio Nova 1982 - 1984
  • Capital Radio London 1984- 1988
  • RTÉ Millennium Radio 1988
  • Century Radio 1989 - 1991
  • FM 104 1992 - 1996
  • East Coast FM 1994 -present. He has presented the weekday mid-morning slot for many years,
  • Radio Ireland/Today FM 1997- 2016. "Sunday Breakfast with Declan Meehan" 7am- 10am every Sunday morning


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