Democratic Party (Peru)

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Democratic Party
Partido Demócrata
Historical leadersNicolás de Piérola,
Guillermo Billinghurst
Founded1884 (1884)
Dissolved1933 (1933)
Preceded byNational Party
Merged intoRepublican Action
IdeologyCivic nationalism
Merit system
Political positionCentre-left[1]

The Democratic Party (Spanish: Partido Demócrata, PD) was a political party in Peru. It was founded in 1884 by Nicolás de Piérola, who won the presidential elections of 1895. The only other president to be a member of the party was Guillermo Billinghurst, who won the presidential elections of 1912.

Despite the party's large support, mainly between lower classes, the Democratic Party had not many President for his abstention from some elections. It was the main rival of the Civilista Party, identified as an expression of the oligarchy. In 1909, the party supported a revolt against President Augusto B. Leguía's dictatorship, that was repressed in blood.

After Piérola's death in 1913, the party had less support and in 1933, finally merged in the Republican Action with other centrist parties.


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