Democratic Union for the New Republic

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Democratic Union for the New Republic
Unione Democratica per la Nuova Repubblica
President Randolfo Pacciardi
Founded 1 March 1964
Dissolved 1974
Headquarters Rome
Newspaper Folla
Nuova Repubblica
Youth wing Primula Goliardica
Ideology Republicanism
Conservative liberalism
Political position Centre-right
Colours              Green, white, red

Democratic Union for the New Republic (Italian: Unione Democratica per la Nuova Repubblica), usually referred to as New Republic (Nuova Repubblica) was a short-lived political party in Italy founded on 1 March 1964 by Randolfo Pacciardi, a former leading member of the Italian Republican Party (PRI). Pacciardi had been expelled by the latter in 1963 after he had voted against the first Italian centre-left government, also supported by the Republicans.

The party, which was inspired to Charles de Gaulle's party in France, included several post-fascists such as Enzo Dantini and Antonio Aliotti, from the National Vanguard, and future member of Christian Democracy Vittorio Sbardella. New Republic thus had a right-wing connotation. Its main goals were to transform Italy into a presidential republic and to introduce a plurality voting system.

Connected to New Republic was the university movement Primula Goliardica, later absorbed by Lotta di Popolo. The party's journals were Folla (since 1964) and Nuova Repubblica (since 1966). In 1968 Pacciardi and his followers, whose electoral results had been dismal, returned into PRI.