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The Quarter of Dennery, and the town of the same name
The Quarter of Dennery, and the town of the same name
Coordinates: 13°56′N 60°55′W / 13.933°N 60.917°W / 13.933; -60.917Coordinates: 13°56′N 60°55′W / 13.933°N 60.917°W / 13.933; -60.917
CountrySt. Lucia
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Dennery is both a quarter and a town on the east (windward) coast of the island nation of Saint Lucia. The main economic activities are fishing, and the cultivation of lima beans, bananas, and other tropical fruit. The population of the quarter was estimated at 12,876 in 2002.

Much of Dennery is in Mabouya Valley which is made up of Derniere Riviere, Au Leon, Despinoze, Gadette, Grand Riviere, Grand Ravine, La Ressource, Richfond and other surrounding areas; and Frigate Island Nature Reserve is offshore a few kilometers to the south of the town.

The quarter of Dennery is divided into two electoral constituencies, Dennery North and Dennery South. The Dennery North electoral seat is currently held by the Honourable Shawn Edward of the Saint Lucia Labour Party whilst the Dennery South electoral seat is held by the Honourable Edmund Estephan of the United Workers Party after the elections held in November, 2011.

The Dennery village hosts a weekly event every Saturday from 4:00pm to 2:00am known as the Dennery Fish Fiesta where tourists and locals to sample various local cuisine based primarily on seafood especially fish. During the Lenten season the activity is closed.

Local Attractions[edit]

  • Sault Falls. Located a few miles inland from Dennery, it is a 20m high waterfall on the Dennery River.
  • Frigate Island Nature Reserve. Operated by the Saint Lucia National Trust, it is a breeding area for seabirds.
  • Dennery Seafood Fiesta. Every Saturday beginning at 4pm on the waterfront. Stalls cooking fresh seafood, bakes, rum punch and Piton. Live DJ.

Adjacent quarters[edit]