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The Digital Safari Multimedia Academy began in the fall of 1996.

The Academy was founded on a U.S. Department of Education grant to integrate vocational education with the core academic curriculum. The goal was to do this with professional multimedia design tools. Instead of using educational software, they would attempt to make it. Thus, as students who studied earth science, they would create interactive programs about the universe or geology. As they studied English they would create interactive book reports or web sites about their favorite poets. As they studied social science, they would develop web sites for model e-businesses or a CD-ROM about World War II.

Since 1997, the Academy has won 2 awards in the California Student Media Festival. In the spring of 2001, the academy produced a seven-day webcast of the International Science and Engineering Fair. The Academy, as of 2007, offers design services to businesses, non-profits and other community organizations. The Academy's project design methodology has been adapted by numerous programs around the country.[citation needed]

Since 1998, the Academy has graduated over 102 students from the Digital Safari. A large majority of graduates have chosen to continue their education beyond high school, choosing state and community colleges, graphic arts schools, or technical schools. The number of graduates in the multimedia and technical industries is growing, as more former students finish their career training. After 3 generations of seniors, the Class of 2007 is the first one to complete a 3-year program.

DSA is still an active academy at Mt. Diablo High School. Cofounder, Randy Depew, is set to leave early 2014. DSA is set to close its doors in at the end of the 2016 session.

DSA Awards[edit]

Notable Students: Amanda Mack, Shakura Woods, Leslie Jane Pada, Keny Rodriguez.

  • 2004–DSA awarded California Partnership Academy Status by the state department of education.
  • 2002–Digital Safari Native American site selected as a USA Today "Best Bet" website for the week of October 22- October 28, 2002 on their K-12 Education Website.
  • A video edited by Digital Safari Students is one of two selected at the California Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment Programs (BTSA) state conference as one of two to represent California at the National BTSA Conference.
  • Digital Safari selected as a Lighthouse program for the Career AcademySupport Network.
  • 2001–The Digital Safari selected for inclusion in the permanent collection of the American History Museum of the Smithsonian Institution's History of Information Technology Exhibit.
  • 2000Steve Jobs CEO, Apple Computer nominates The Digital Safari for the Computerworld Smithsonian Honors.
  • 1997–The Digital Safari was recognized as a Program of Excellence in Contra Costa County by the Association of California School Administrators.

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