Discovery (music video)

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Discovery Video.jpg
Video by Electric Light Orchestra
Released 1979
Genre Rock, Pop
Label Jet Records
Director Mike Mansfield
Electric Light Orchestra chronology
Out of the Blue: Live at Wembley

Discovery is a music video album by the Electric Light Orchestra, recorded in 1979 shortly after the completion of the Discovery studio album.

The track listing is identical to the studio LP; each of the album's songs has its own corresponding promotional video. It received TV airings on the Blue Jean Network in 1980 among others, with releases on VHS in 1979, then later on the "Out of the Blue Tour" Live at Wembley/Discovery 1998 DVD/VHS. The video album was produced because Jeff Lynne refused to go on tour to promote the album as was customary but instead presented it in the relatively new video format. This helped launch the nascent long-form music video market. The videos marked the last to feature the band's cellists, Melvyn Gale and Hugh McDowell.


  1. "Shine a Little Love"
  2. "Confusion"
  3. "Need Her Love"
  4. "The Diary of Horace Wimp"
  5. "Last Train to London"
  6. "Midnight Blue"
  7. "On the Run"
  8. "Wishing"
  9. "Don't Bring Me Down"