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DistroWatch Logo.png
Web address distrowatch.com
Commercial? Yes
Type of site
News website
Registration No
Available in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Hindi, Tamil, Japanese, Persian, Turkish, Hebrew, Vietnamese
Owner Ladislav Bodnar
Launched 31 May 2001 (2001-05-31)
Revenue Advertisement
Alexa rank
positive decrease 11,690 (June 2015)[1]

DistroWatch is a website which provides news, popularity rankings, and other general information about various Linux distributions as well as other free software/open source Unix-like operating systems such as OpenSolaris, MINIX and BSD. It now contains information on several hundred distributions.[2]


It was originally published on 31 May 2001, and is maintained by Ladislav Bodnar.[3]

Initially, Bodnar also wrote the Distrowatch Weekly (DWW). In November 2008, Bodnar decided to step down from the post of editor for (DWW). Bodnar said he would still continue to maintain the site[4] while the DWW would be written by Chris Smart.[5]As of 9 August 2015, DistroWatch has donated a total of $44,175 USD to various open source software projects since the launch of the Donations Program in March 2004.[6]


The site maintains extensive comparison charts detailing differences between the package sets and software revisions of different distributions. It also provides some general characteristics of distributions such as the price and the supported processor architectures.[7] There is also a Distrowatch weekly (often abbreviated DWW) that comes out on Monday "as a publication summarising the happenings in the distribution world on a weekly basis".[4] Distrowatch has a monthly donations program, a joint initiative between DistroWatch and two online shops selling low-cost CDs and DVDs with Linux, BSD and other open source software.

Accuracy of the hit counters[edit]

Bodnar has written that "I'd like to believe that there is some truth in the figures, but in all honesty, they really don't mean all that much and should not be taken very seriously" and "NOT an indication of [...] market share or quality".[8]

PCWorld has written that "the page-hit counts on DistroWatch give some indication of which distributions are drawing the most interest at the moment, of course, but such measures can't be assumed to gauge who's actually using what or which are preferred overall".[9]

Muktware has written that "DistroWatch is not an indication of 'how many users' but it is clearly an indication of what users are looking at".[10]


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