Duck Mountain Provincial Forest

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Manitoba's Duck Mountain Provincial Forest is located in the western part of the province. The forest contains all of Duck Mountain Provincial Park, plus peripheral areas around it. The largest portion of the park and the forest are located in an unorganized portion of Census Division No. 20, but substantial portions of the forest lie in surrounding Rural Municipalities, including Ethelbert, Hillsburg, Grandview, Swan River, Minitonas, and Mountain.

The forest has an area of 3,770 km² (1,455 sq mi), which includes all of the park's area of 1,424 km² (550 sq mi). The forest was established in 1906. It is the largest Provincial Forest in Manitoba, slightly larger than the next largest Swan-Pelican Provincial Forest.

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Coordinates: 51°39′25″N 101°04′44″W / 51.65694°N 101.07889°W / 51.65694; -101.07889