Rural Municipality of Mountain

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Mountain is a rural municipality in the province of Manitoba in Western Canada. It consists of two disjoint parts, Mountain (North) at 52°34′48″N 101°00′54″W / 52.58000°N 101.01500°W / 52.58000; -101.01500, and Mountain (South) at 51°58′21″N 100°23′31″W / 51.97250°N 100.39194°W / 51.97250; -100.39194, separated by the Rural Municipality of Minitonas. The two parts are separated by approximately 10 km (6.2 mi) at the northeast corner of Minitonas, along its border with unorganized territory of Division No. 19.


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Coordinates: 52°16′27″N 100°36′30″W / 52.27417°N 100.60833°W / 52.27417; -100.60833