Dunville's Three Crowns

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Three Crowns
TypeIrish Whiskey
ManufacturerDunville & Co
Country of originBelfast
Proof (US)70
Related productsDunville's VR

Dunville's Three Crowns was a rare pure pot still whiskey distilled by Dunville & Co at the Royal Irish Distillery in Belfast. Though similar to Dunville's other whiskey Dunville's VR, Three Crowns was distilled longer and used more sherry casks for the maturing process.[1]

The Echlinville Distillery[edit]

Dunville's Three Crowns Irish Whiskey and Dunville's VR Old Irish Whiskey are now being produced at The Echlinville Distillery in Kircubbinin, County Down, and came on the market in 2016.[2]


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