Dutch East Indies Volksraad election, 1927

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Elections to the Volksraad were held in the Dutch East Indies in 1927.

Electoral system[edit]

The Volksraad had a total of 60 members, 37 of which were elected and 21 appointed.[1] Seats were also assigned to ethnic groups, with 30 for the Dutch population (15 elected, 15 appointed), 25 for the native population (19 elected, 4 appointed) and five for the Chinese population (3 elected, 2 appointed).[1]


Grouping Seats +/–
Moderate right-wing 36 +8
Moderate left-wing 9 –1
Left-wing 9 +4
Right-wing 6 +1
Total 60 +12
Source: Schmutzer[1]


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