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DynaVenture Corp.
Portfolio Company
Predecessor DynaVest Corp.
Founded 1949
Founder Harold N. Eidem
Headquarters Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Area served
North America, South America Caribbean
Key people
Brian Eidem CEO, Earl Eidem Vice President
Number of employees
Website www.dynaventure.com

DynaVenture Corp. was formed in 2000 by second generation family members Brian and Earl Eidem and Jo-Ann Thompson.[1] Founding father Harold Eidem started the 60 year dynasty in 1948 in his Vancouver home with his first business Bearing and Transmission Supply (B&T).[2] In 1973 Harold Eidem set up B&T Holdings Ltd to provide centralized services and act as the parent company to all of their business’ locations.[3] In 1976, Harold Eidem died and the ownership of the company was transferred to his sons Brian and Earl Eidem and daughter Jo-Ann Thompson. In 1981, B&T Holdings changed its name to DynaVest Corp. to better indicate the new direction of the companies. In 2000, the Eidem family sold three major components of their holdings to Applied Industrial Technologies. [4] That same year the company would again change names, DynaVest became DynaVenture and the Eidem family have since increased their holdings in technology and engineering companies.[1]


At the end of World War II in February 1948, Harold Eidem left a job at a bearing company to start Bearing and Transmission Supply out of his home in Vancouver British Columbia.[2] One of Harold’s first inventory purchases, from the U.S. Navy, was impounded at the Canadian/US border due to an $1800 Canadian customs bill. [3] Having spent all of his savings on the inventory, Harold turned to his long-time friend Norman Hnatuk living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to pay the duty. Norman got the inventory out of the bond and became a partner in the Bearing and Transmission enterprise.[3]

In November 1948 Norman Hnatuk officially joined Harold in Vancouver and one year later opened a second location in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.[3] In 1950 the B&T Vancouver location was sold to Norman’s brother Bill Hnatuk. Harold then joined Norm in Saskatoon where the two grew the company within Saskatchewan. The company has since expanded to have locations throughout North America.[3]

Growth and acquisitions[edit]


  • B&T created formal distributorships with Hoover Ball and Bearing Co., Orange Roller Bearing Co., Morris Chain, Garlock, and SKF.[2]
  • 1956-B&T Ltd was incorporated [2]
  • 1957-Sales reached $356,000 doubling from 1956 [5]
  • 1957-B&T Ltd.Regina was formed [2]



  • 1970-B&T opened Estevan location to accommodate SaskPower coal fire electric power generating stations [3]
  • 1972-Curtis Hoover, a hydraulic (Vickers) distributor/service business in Saskatchewan was acquired, and consequently the company established a new operating unit with locations in Regina and Saskatoon named B&T Fluid Power Ltd.[6]
  • 1972-B&T Fluid Power Ltd. Prince George, British Columbia opened [3]
  • 1973-Harold Eidem purchased Norm Hnatuk interests in companies [2]
  • 1973-Harold Eidem formed B&T Holdings Ltd as parent company of Bearing & Transmission and B&T Fluid Power [5]
  • 1974-B&T Holdings purchased Hard Chrome Services in Regina
  • 1976-B&T Holdings purchased Superior Hard Chrome Inc.in Saskatoon
  • 1976-Bearing & Transmission Lloydminster Alberta opened [2]
  • 1976-Superior Hard Chrome opened a Regina location
  • 1976-Harold Eidem died [2]
  • 1976-Brian and Earl Eidem and Jo-Ann Thompson the second generation take over reigns of company [5]
  • 1977-B&T Fluid Power opens a branch in Prince Albert [6]
  • 1979-B&T Fluid Power purchase Progressive Air & Hydraulics in Vancouver[6]
  • 1979-B&T Fluid Power open a Winnipeg location [6]
  • 1978-B&T opens Prince Albert, Saskatchewan location [3]




  • 2000-DynaVest sells Bearing & Transmission (B&T), All Agro and HyPOWER to Applied Industrial Technologies [4]
  • 2000-DynaVest changes name to DynaVenture Corp. to refine its purpose [1]
  • 2000-DynaVest purchased Belt Tech in Saskatoon and changed its name to B&T Rubber
  • 2002-Superior Hard Chrome changes name to DynaIndustrial Inc.

DynaVenture group of companies[edit]

DynaVenture Corp. is the corporate support centre of a network of independent technology and engineering based companies serving customers in North America, South America and the Caribbean.

ChoiceTel Networks designs, supplies, installs, and services telecommunications systems. [7]

DMax Distributors distribute and support high tech industrial products to customers in Latin America.[8]

DynaIndustrial focuses on Engineering, Custom Machining, CNC Milling & Turning, Industrial Hard Chroming, Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuilding & Manufacturing, and Custom Welding & Fabrication.[9]

Fluid Clarification is a supplier of separation technologies and process filtration systems primarily for the oil and gas industry in Western Canada.[10]

Precision Hydrojet provides water jet and laser cutting services.[11]

Tackpoint Ltd. custom engineers and manufactures specialized bearings using patented technology.[12]

QA Technologies is a telematics company providing fleet monitoring systems to businesses in the transportation industry.[13]


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